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1800x1800 (1)Artist: Tony Love
Label: None
Producers: Tim Henewich, SanchoBeatz, Mixwell Studios, Fivestar Beats
Genre: Pop
When you first turn on the Hip-Hop/R&B or Pop station what do you hear? For me, the first thing I hear is this upbeat tune that I might find at a party or club. More often than not these songs are filled with lyrics that are all about getting rich, spending it all on alcohol, and having sex. But artist Tony Love has set out to prove that Pop can also be used for God’s glory:
“So, I go out to the Bible study and I don’t remember what exactly the Pastor was saying, but I know I felt something. That was the first time I felt the Holy Spirit. Around this time I was also making music. I was a secular Hip Hop artist. So from that point on up until I graduated, I was going to Bible study on Wednesday nights, partying on the weekends and recording Hip Hop mix tapes in my spare time.”
Tony Love’s EP, RSVP, proves that we can still cut loose on the dance floor and have a good time while we worship The Lord.

Content Guide

All the tracks featured in the EP are geared toward God, and Tony is not ashamed to profess his love for The Lord. There is absolutely no negative content to be concerned with here.


.01 RSVP: In the titular track, Tony talks about how we have been invited into God’s Kingdom and that great things await us there. He sings that the way to accept the invitation is to come to Christ, with the analogy that you will “RSVP” as you would for a party. I found the delivery of his vocals in this track to be different from the rest of the album. This is not exactly a bad thing; it just kind of threw me off at first.
.02 Only One: The name of this track might seem self-explanatory, but it actually focuses on God’s power of creation. When Tony says “You’re the only one God, the only one King” he’s saying that His power cannot be matched. I really enjoyed the fast-paced beat that accompanies his lyrics. This is probably my favorite track on the project.
.03 Thank You: Tony describes how God is a safe shelter for him, and that no matter what happens God is there, along with the eternalness and omnipresence of The Lord. This third track breaks up the pace at an odd point in my opinion, though it is a great track due to the many instruments in the background. It also shows that Tony can take things at a slower pace when he ever needs to.
.04 The Way You Love Me: In this song, God is praised for how mighty He is and His love for His imperfect creation. Tony uses himself as the subject, but I believe this could be applied to anyone listening in. That is what I have really enjoyed about this album: even though Tony uses himself as the subject, many listeners can relate.
.05 Bring Me Back: Tony talks about the many ways God brings him back to focus when he goes astray. This song sums up all the characteristics of God that Tony has already addressed. It is not quite as slow as the third track, but is great at drawing things to a close and has the potential to lead listeners into some self-reflection after they have listened to what he has had to say throughout the EP.
Some might say that the lyrics in the album are just like any other worship music out there, but to the genre and style of the music, they are essential. With his style of music Tony Love has the potential to reach a wide demographic; sure, we have the Christian hip-hop artists, but they still don’t quite have the mass appeal that someone like Toby Mac does.
The pop genre is not something I listen to very often, but I really enjoyed RSVP and they way Tony delivers his lyrics. That may be partially due to his hip-hop background, which I can appreciate. Personally, I am looking forward to his future work. He does have a Kickstarter page for those who would like to help fund his next project. If you are interested in purchasing RSVP you can pre-order it here on iTunes. It will be available on June 1st.

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