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Ambiance, a word that means “the character and atmosphere of a place,” is apparent in Salt of the Sound’s music. This has become a genre of music that many people enjoy listening to for relaxation or just to play as background noise while reading or studying. Thanks to technology, we have access to all sorts of beautiful rhythms and sounds that can be combined with live instrumentals, which Salt of the Sound does so well.

I was blessed to receive a review copy of their compilation album, Meditations Vol. 1, which was released on September, 2014. To quote from their bandcamp webpage:

“Meditations, Vol. 1 is a special compilation of reflective tracks from Salt of the Sound. The selection comprises ten instrumental versions of songs from the first year of the duo’s output, including from their critically acclaimed album Journeys, as well as from their most recent EP Through The Mist.”

Content Guide

There is nothing explicit in any tracks, as there aren’t even any lyrics. The titles are not explicit either, so there is nothing to worry about in that regard. It’s just pure music to relax to and enjoy.

Album Theme/Cover Art

The cover shows a state of peace and tranquility. It’s simple and to the point, which is how it should be. It shows exactly what you’re getting into when you press play: a place where you can relax and enjoy His presence and get away from it all.


Being a new fan to the ambient genre, I was hard pressed to find music produced by Christians (seeing as I would prefer to support their music) so I was surprised to find out about Salt of the Sound. Going through their albums, I found that Meditations Vol. 1 is a compilation of various instrumental tracks that originally had lyrics to them in their alternative albums, Jouneys and Through the Mist.

Listening to the opening track, “Horizon,” you feel as if the sun were rising and dawning on what’s to come. Even though the other tracks are from Salt of the Sound’s previous albums Journeys and Through The Mist, they sound just as good, even without lyrics. Each sound fills your ears and mind with a collaboration of instruments–an array of musical beats, reaching different octaves. You’ll want to close your eyes and see where your mind takes you and what God is speaking to you, and just let all your stress go. It’s truly a therapeutic experience that other genres don’t achieve. 

Salt of the Sound’s music will take you on a journey to experience a fresh wave of peace and hope. Personally, I enjoy listening to this album in the mornings where I can feel God’s presence and His love as each track plays. This is the ultimate feeling that people look for in music, and it’s this serenity that causes Medications Vol. 1 to be something more than mere background music.



I am a personal fan of ambient music because I love listening to music that relaxes, and helps me to write or read or pray. I see albums like these as not only background music, but also as something more–something that helps me connect to my Creator. Meditation is pretty big right now, with all the hub-bub about yoga and Buddhism, but we Christians need meditative music too. Look to this album when you need to unwind, remove stress, and connect to Christ. When you are not in the mood to hear the “noise” surrounding you, and are looking for something soothing to fill your eyes with while you browse the internet, read, write, and so on anything related this is the perfect time to throw on some Salt of the Sound. They are truly being the “salt of the world” (Matthew 5:13-16) through the experience that is music 

Be sure to check out their social media pages, sign up on their website to receive tracks that will only be released to their paid members, and more! If you prefer lyrics, they have lyrical tracks in their other albums Journeys and Through the Mist.

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