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Artist: Salt of the Sound
Salt of the Sound
Salt of the Sound duo Ben and Anita Tatlow reached out to Geeks Under Grace for a review to be done of their new album, Echoes of Wonder. We reviewed their previous album, Meditations Volume 1 here, and now we can delve into this one. It’s refreshing to hear such melodic and atmospheric art such as this, where you can get completely lost in God’s presence. Whatever you listen to from Salt of The Sound, it just oozes peace.


Content Guide

Nothing explicit will be found on this album. It’s a mix of instrumental tracks and lyrics that glorify God. You can read the lyrics for their songs here, such as “Dwell Among Us.”
Keep moving and living and breathing in us
Keep working and singing and speaking through us
You dwell among us, You dwell among us
You dwell among us, dwell among us
With all this life I long to see
more of You and less of me
Lord send Your Spirit here to work in us

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Once again, beautiful cover art is displayed for Echoes Of Wonder. It looks as if your looking into the night sky, staring into the wonders that God has created. I imagine myself standing outside in a quiet forest, amazed by the shining stars reflecting off the trees. The font looks nice as well, almost like a neon sign in the Heavens.


I am lost in the woods, only being guided by the starry night sky. God’s voice is soft, tingling my ears and reminding me of His mercy and love. Peace fills the air, and I am at rest in His presence…
That’s how I feel when I listen to this album.
Songs like “Lighthouse” and “Did You Hear It?” have soft lyrics, blowing winds, and synths sounds that will relieve stress from a tough day. The goodness of our God is found throughout the album, especially in a song like “Find Rest” which breathes on you to just relax and not worry about your problems. The remix of “Dwell Among Us” is spot on, and gives it a calming, ambient feel.
Matthew 11:29
29 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me [following Me as My disciple], for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest (renewal, blessed quiet)
The album has several ambient/instrumental tracks as well for those interested. Titles like “Dawn,” “Spirit, and “Wonder are great to just leave in the background while spending time in God’s word, or just getting things done throughout the day. I personally enjoy music like this to have on while I am writing or reading.
In regards to how Echoes of Wonder  instrumentation, the vocals flow beautifully with the sounds. Some albums don’t connect lyrics well with the background tones, but Salt of the Sound prove that they took their time to make their art sound just right.


For those looking for a relaxing and spiritual encounter with an ambient project, you found the right one. Even if you’re a new listener to the genre, you will find some beautiful sounds to play when you need to unwind and inspiring tracks to include in a worship playlist. 

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