Maroon 5’s Newest Music Video Is A Satire Of The Pokemon GO Craze

Content Warning: The above video contains language, drug use, and sexuality. Please view at your own discretion.
Maroon 5’s most recent music video for their hit Don’t Wanna Know has an interesting theme. The video stars lead singer Adam Levine and other celebrities such as Sarah Silverman and Vince Vaughn, dressed up in costumes that vaguely resemble Pokémon.
Viewers see them running desperately away from swarms of people, who attempt to capture them with their phones – a clear reference to Pokémon Go.
While Pokemon GO was the biggest thing since sliced bread when it launched back in July, popularity has waned a bit since then. However, there is still a rabid Pokemon GO fan base just waiting to get out and capture the next rare Pokemon that appears. Our own Kelly Bornstedt, recently updated her original review for Pokemon GO to offer her thoughts on the more recent versions of the addictive mobile game.
What do you think of this new video? Are you still playing Pokemon Go? Let us know in the comments.

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