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Welcome to another artist spotlight! This one is probably a bit obscure to most of you but after watching the music video above, (don’t worry, I can wait) you should definitely get to know this group. Kingdom blew my socks off when someone gave me their CD for my birthday. I expected nothing and came away very impressed. I asked them to join me in a dark alley at midnight for an interview but, they declined. Needless to say, I was baffled. Not really having a plan B, I followed up with asking them to meet me on the border of South and North Korea and wouldn’t ya know it… Again, they declined! At this point I gave up and told them to pick. They chose a local coffee shop that served chocolate chip bagels. Obviously, this was not as great as living on the edge of North Korea’s border but it all worked out in the end.
Geeks Under Grace: Who exactly (band members) is in Kingdom?
Kingdom: Kingdom is made up of Jordan (lead vocal/guitar) Veronica (Lead vocal) Sean (Lead guitar) Nate (bass) Steven (Drums) and Justin (keys)
GUG: Why did you pick Kingdom as your band name?
K: We were brainstorming and one of the band members brothers, Landon, suggested the name Kingdom band, which we later shortened to Kingdom. The name is a representation of why we exist, for the Kingdom of God.
GUG: How did you all meet and become Kingdom?
K: We have all been involved in worship in some capacity at our home church for years, with the exception of Nate, who joined in 2011 after parting ways with the band Worth Dying For. Growing up in the church and serving in ministry together as teenagers and young adults has really laid the foundation for who Kingdom is as a band and ministry.
GUG: What inspired you guys to play the type of Christian music that you perform? It seems like a whole new sound to me.
K: All of the members of Kingdom have pretty different musical influences, ranging from John Mayer to Foo Fighters to electronic music and even some metal in there. When it comes to writing, we try to represent the full spectrum of the music we love while also making sure it is easy to follow along to and understand in the context of worship.
GUG: Who writes the lyrics for the band? Also do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live sets?
K: Jordan and Nate do the bulk of the lyric and music writing, but everyone in the band is involved in the process. The cool thing about Kingdom is all the band members play multiple instruments so we have fun with that in our live shows. There have been times where we will write a chorus in the middle of a set if we feel like the spirit of God is speaking.
GUG: Where do you draw your songwriting inspiration from? What is your typical songwriting process?
K: We draw our inspiration from scripture first and foremost, and from our personal worship times with God. We never want to try and take people where we haven’t been ourselves in worship. The writing process varies for us, sometimes Sean will have a cool riff that we write lyrics to or Nate or Jordan will bring some lyrics that need chords, or we will be delirious in the studio because it’s 3 AM and really have to fight to finish a song. We really care about our lyrical content, we don’t just want to settle for cop out typical lyrics.
GUG: Do you think that online/social media presence is important for fans to find you and critics to find your music to write about?
K: Social media is a great tool for connecting with fans and critics alike, we want to be accessible to people especially because we are a ministry, not just a band. Just don’t send us invites to play Farmville….
GUG Note – I immediately sent them requests for Farmville 2 since that is vastly superior to the original!
GUG: Will you ever record acoustic versions of your music?
K: Actually, our next album will be an acoustic album with acoustic versions of existing songs and a few new ones as well. You guys are the first to hear of this so, there ya go!
GUG Note – I screamed like a little girl when I heard this news!
GUG: Ok, now for the not so band related questions. Our site is for geeks and includes various things such as gaming, movies, TV, anime, etc etc. Is there any shameless nerdy things you do that no one or maybe everyone knows about?
K: Underneath our cool exterior (not really), we are totally nerds. We love comics, the Lord of the Rings series, video games (Mario Kart) and Star Wars. Nate even has a disturbingly large action figure collection, mostly made up of Thor figures. So ya, we are totally nerds.
GUG: If you had to pick one video game, one movie, and one TV show to be stuck with for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?
K: Based on data configuration and analysis from the members of Kingdom we have compiled the following answers:
Video game: Call of Duty
Movie: The Dark Knight (or the entire Batman trilogy)
Tv Show: Boy Meets World
GUG: Anything you would like share, from new merchandise to upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?
K: This year we will be doing our first tour in December, a Christmas tour, we will be back in the studio recording our next album and releasing a ton of free worship resources and teachings via our new project “School Of Worship” on our website, stay tuned!
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