First Look: PUBLIC: Let’s Make It EP Review

I’m always on the lookout for new music.  So, I was naturally overjoyed when I was introduced to the band PUBLIC.  They are an indie rock/pop Cincinnati-based trio of musicians whose sound is somewhat similar to the band Magic Man, which I reviewed a couple of months ago.  They were discovered at a battle of the bands in 2011; since then, they have appeared at prominent festivals such as SXSW, CMJ, and CMW.  Currently, PUBLIC is on a tour supporting Walk the Moon and just released their new EP, “Let’s Make It.”  The EP is just 5 songs, but they are 5 pretty dang good songs.

(the audio on this video is a bit sketchy at times, so we apologize)

“Pretty Face” is the first track on the album.  It has a catchy chorus and is a good introduction to the band’s sound.  Lead singer John Vaughn’s voice sounds very similar to Matt MacDonald’s (the lead singer from The Classic Crime), and that is definitely not a bad thing.  His vocal talents are showcased on the next track, “My Love.”  The falsettos are on point and the range shown is impressive.  “Make You Mine” is the next track on the EP, and it continues in the same vein and sound as the previous songs.  The last two tracks are a bit different from the others.  “Little Raindrops” has a nice bass line and is reminiscent of the Eagles’ “Hotel California” for me at times.  Finally, “A Lonely” shows that PUBLIC can strip things down with a slow acoustic strum and still be great.  I love a band like that!  All in all, PUBLIC’s “Let’s Make It” EP is a strong early showing from a band that I look forward to seeing more from.

You can listen to “Pretty Face” here and/or purchase PUBLIC’s EP here

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