Beat Breaker: “Fearless” by For Today

Song Title: Fearless
Artist: For Today
Album: Immortal
Label: Razor & Tie
Genre: Metalcore
Time: 3:47
Real talk—metalcore is not my cup of tea. Sure, I listen to it now and then… but only to keep up with the scene. If it wasn’t such a popular genre, I probably wouldn’t listen to it at all. However, it has grown on me a little, especially with songs like “Fearless” from For Today’s album Immortal. When I hear songs like this, and I pay close attention to the lyrics, I realize the message lines up almost exactly with what popular contemporary artists like Hillsong United, MercyMe, and Chris Tomlin sing in worship.
(If you find that hard to believe, I recommend reading this article on reasons you shouldn’t condemn Christian metal, written by GUG’s very own Shawn Bain.)


Feeling of Song

“Fearless” starts with some siren-like guitar sounds, and a defiant chant is added in. Seems like something you would hear at a sporting event to get the crowd hyped up. The drum gets going, and you can feel the beat building, building… until it gets to the breakdown and transitions to a powerful first verse. Remember, I’m not really that much of a metal fan, but I can’t help but dig this song’s energy. The rhythm is very similar to most other rock songs I jam out to, and they pull off a lot of tempo changes without it becoming difficult to follow.

Lyrics and Meaning

“We bear the scars of the Holy Risen Son. So tell me what should we fear? Every threat is hollow, because our victory is set in stone.”
Thankfully this isn’t one of those songs where the meaning is hidden. The song means what the title says: being fearless. That said, they do communicate the meaning in a very artistic way. They have a lot of bold, in-your-face declarations that boast of their trust in God. If you’re looking for deep lyrics that will have you thinking for days on end about being fearless, this is not the song for you. If you need something to pump you up and motivate you, “Fearless” is an encouraging and intense anthem.
Towards the end of the song, For Today incorporates verses from Psalm 23. You may not know the whole passage, but the part they reference will likely sound familiar. “Though we walk through the valley of the Shadow of death. We are not alone. We will fear no evil. For you are near. We are the fearless ones!” That is a chilling statement. I have heard that psalm countless times, mostly at funerals, so hearing it this time I feel like I have a deeper understanding of what it all means. I shouldn’t feel sad when I hear this; I should be in a place of peace and motivation, knowing that I have the God-given authority to be fearless.

Life Application

How many times have we let fear hold us back, whether it be in personal struggles or opportunities for the kingdom? Of course, it is normal to experience fear; we all have areas of fear in our lives. What I’ve learned to do is let my fear motivate me rather than control me. I’m not just talking about the adrenaline burst I felt when I was young and running from the neighborhood dogs. As I grew more mature, my fears of failing helped me channel my attention to the task at hand, focusing on and trusting in God through it.
Ideally, we are to be fearless because we have an all-powerful God in our corner. That being said, when it comes – because it will come – we also have the freedom in Christ to use it in our favor.
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  1. Austin on November 24, 2015 at 3:15 am

    This is one of my all time favorite songs. Very empowering. For Today writes a lot of music on this line of bold in your face declarations.

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