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You will probably NEVER see me rate an album as a perfect 10 again. I like to review albums with an open mind, and I am very stingy with my scores. So if you see me rate an album with a rating of anything over 8, it means I REALLY liked the album. However, my intentions were to never give out a 10.

With that being said, I have no choice but to reward Bizzle an undisputed, undeniable, unbelievable perfect 10. The reason I am so willing to give this album a perfect 10 has nothing to do with the actual music on this album, and everything to do with the reason behind this project

In a video Bizzle explained that God put his heart in this project because he was worried about his well-being when he traveled to Africa. He said that the water caused problems in the area that effected his heart. One story he told was how parents wouldn’t name their children until they turned a year old because they could die just form the water alone. He didn’t want to leave Africa and forget about them, so he wanted to do this project and giver 100% of the profits toward building water wells in Mozambique, Africa.

Bizzle is the owner “God Over Money” records, and with this project putting all proceeds to help build drinking wells for a people who need it over in Africa, he certainly put his money where his mouth is. That is why this is a perfect 10.

Now, even though I am giving Bizzle a “courtesy 10”, it doesn’t mean that this album isn’t a banger. [youtube url=””]

Bizzle has a guest artist on every song that made the Well Wishes album. This is huge because it shows that there is actually solidarity in the Christian Hip-Hop scene. The album includes tracks from Eshon Burgundy, Derek Minor, Social Club, Gemstones, Canton Jones, Mouthpi3ce, Sevin, D-Maub, Alex Faith, V.Rose, Sho Baraka, Jin, and a slew of others. If you’re not familiar with these names, I can attest that list is a who’s who of Christian Hip-Hop artist and also very diverse.  The album also features the other three members of Bizzle’s God Over Money, Bumps Inf, Selah The Corner, and newly signed artist Datin.

The album has some songs that can make you nod your head with various types of heavy beats. However, the lyrics are also on point. Bizzle’s brings his usual aggressiveness and fearless attitude when he raps. He says the things that people want to say, but are afraid to say it. Since this a special album, there really isn’t a theme for the album to focus on, but the songs still have great messages, and the substance that you expect from a Christian rapper. I highly recommend it, not   only because it is a well-produced, lyrically superb album, but because it helps a very important cause.

Purchase Well Wishes on ITunes,Amazon, and other various music outlets.
Also, check out God Over Money for free music that features members of the label.

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