Review: Sunsets and Second Chances

First off, If you don’t know who The Lasting Hope is (which is understandable) then check out our awesome interview with them HERE. To give you a quick recap of how I ran across them. I was playing some online video games and listening to Slacker radio (yes, males can multi task) when out of nowhere something that sounded like old school Relient K and Hawk Nelson came on… and I didn’t recognize the song. Let me clarify something, I have every single album and EP by both of those bands. Hearing a song by one of them means I must have been living under a rock. As it turns out I had not been living under a rock. The Lasting Hope is a new Christian artist that has the sound of Relient K with a singer who reminds me of old school Hawk Nelson. Talk about a match made in heaven. Upon hearing “Something New”, I was inspired to reach out to them and see if I could have an exclusive interview. Well, that happened and despite being an adult male, I kind of got a fan boy crush on the band. Do not get me wrong, I like Relient K’s new sophisticated sound and Hawk Nelson was starting to grow a bit stale before the lead singer left and they changed it up. However, there is something that draws me to the old school musical style of both groups. Mark Lee Townsend is The Lasting Hope’s producer which helps me understand why they sound a bit like Relient K (in all the good ways). Townsend has produced for Relient K and Owl City.
Sunsets and Second Chances is a 5 song EP that is burning a hole in my CD player. Before I actually review the album, let me throw some other quotable lines for them to use to advertise. The Lasting Hope may be the last hope for old school Relient K fans. Logan Oakes for Pesident ’16! Sunsets and Second Chances saved my marriage and got me a raise at work! I am not sure if that last part is true. The EP as a whole is solid. It kicks off with “Records” and really sets the tone for what to expect. “Lifeline” is a bit slower but somehow I caught myself singing along without even realizing I was doing it. Maybe that song has subliminal messages… The Lasting Hope is brainwashing me! I bet they don’t use that as a way to advertise themselves. “On Your Way” is the middle of the album and here we experience a deeper message and subsequently, it causes you to think about how you are living as well. “Forgetting Yesterdays” would be completely forgettable if it wasn’t for the piano. Oh did I not mention that? The Lasting Hope has a piano in all of their songs and it rocks! If you have ever listened to Yellowcard then you know how much that violin adds to their band and makes them unique. For The Lasting Hope, they have a pianist and he enhances every song to give it the extra kick it needs to stick in your head. Finally we get to “Something New”. This song makes this whole EP awesome and worth it. You will find yourself listening to “Something New” and “Records” over and over again.
Overall, the EP is a solid effort by The Lasting Hope and I cannot wait till they release a full fledged follow up album. A little birdy told me that they are currently writing said album so be on the lookout! I highly recommend this EP for fans of Relient K, Hawk Nelson, and Yellowcard.


Official Website – You can get their music here and listen to it as well!

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Wesley Wood

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  1. Drew Markel on July 25, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    Great group of guys! I have had the opportunity to watch a few of them grow up through school. These kids live the scripture in their daily lives. A great representation of what Christian Rock should be….

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