Review: Chrono Symphonic

After writing my review on Chrono Trigger, I thought about doing some kind of post for its amazing soundtrack. I have a lot of remixes from this game created by the talented folks at OCRemix and I used to own the original soundtrack (got the original Japanese one years ago in a store in China Town in NYC). There have been many remixes done, but nothing to the level of Chrono Symphonic.


OCRemix revamped this album in honor of the game’s OST (original soundtrack). Every track is a remixed version of one of the songs in the game all done using orchestral instruments. Basically imagine Chrono Trigger done by the New York Symphony Orchestra. It’s a fantastic work of art and will take fans of the game on a nostalgic trip down gaming lane. Personally, I love it. Though I’m not a huge fan of orchestrated work because I prefer more relaxing instrumental music, I still appreciate the time and effort put in here. It’s also one of the top OCRemix albums on their site (they have over 88 listed).

Click here to download Chrono Symphonic for free, and check out more music by the wonderful folks at


Feel free to check it out, and let me know what you thought of this classic. Also, if you’re a fan of OCR, tell us what you think of it. Are you a fan of VGM (Video Game Music)? Do you want to see more articles highlighting the best there is in the VGM remixing community?
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