5 Christian Rock Songs about Struggling with Suicide

Suicide. It may or may not have affected you directly, but it has impacted teens everywhere. Stress, family, bullying, depression, and many other things can overwhelm someone to the point they wonder if life is worth living. I myself have wanted to die before because of many different problems, but I didn’t. I lived. And it’s completely possible for you to do the same.

Because of Jesus.

Jesus is the hope of us all. He loves you, me, and everyone, no matter what we do. But it can be hard for someone just to accept Him like that. God gave us music through which we can communicate any message. The following brave souls have chosen to be passionate about the lives of people and wrote songs that provide hope, that cry out to God for help, and that praise Him for letting them live. For your benefit, I have compiled a few of these precious songs into this post.

#1: Skillet- “The Last Night” (from Comatose)

Skillet has been a favorite band of mine for a while now. Having personally attended Skillet concerts and hearing this song, I know that it gives much hope for someone battling suicide, and that’s what John intended it to do.

“You come to me with / Scars on your wrist / You tell me this will be the last night / Feeling like this / I just came to say goodbye / I didn’t want you to see me cry, I’m fine / But I know it’s a lie.”

This is the last night you’ll spend alone / Look Me in the eyes so I know you know / I’m everywhere / You need Me to be / The last night you’ll spend alone / I’ll wrap you in My arms and I won’t let go / I’m everything you need me to be.”

Your parents say everything if your fault / But they don’t know you like I know you / They don’t know you at all / I’m so sick of when they say / It’s just a phase you’ll be okay, you’re fine / But I know it’s a lie.”

The night is so long when everything’s wrong / If you give me your hand I will help you hold on / tonight.

I won’t let you say goodbye / And I’ll be your reason why.

In this song, a girl is verbally abused by her parents, and has decided that life isn’t worth living. However God shows her that He is a reason to live, and he will give her everything she needs.

#2 We as Human-“Take the Bullets Away (feat. Lacey Sturm)” (from We as Human)

As a big We as Human fan, I can say that this song is very important to me. Not only does it combine my favorite band with my favorite singer, but it also is a cry out to God for help. These lyrics really are full of such meaning and passion, just read and listen for yourself:

I got my finger on the trigger / One bullet in the gun / And I’m spinning the revolver / Thinking this could be the one / I tried to find religion to see what I’d become / I was ruined by the world / But I blamed it on the Son.

” Am I worthless / Am I filthy / Am I too far gone for a remedy / Will you help me / Cause I’m dying / To be something more than a memory / If I reach out / Can I trust You / Will You help me see the light of one more day / Take the bullets away!”

“I tried to build resistance / I tried to start a war / But no one ever listened / I bottled up the storm.”

“You’re so disarming / There’s nothing left to fear / You’re so disarming / I drop all my weapons to show You that I’m not afraid!”

In this song, the writer is at the brink of suicide, and cries out to Jesus for help from the pain, the addiction, the sorrow, or even literally the bullets.

#3 Disciple-“Right There” (from Southern Hospitality)

Disciple is a great band with their hearts in the right place. Though the song does not bluntly mention suicide, it does give that hope that we will never fight through life without Jesus standing right next to us.

“It seems so dark now / Can’t find which way / Knowing there were more when you first started / There’s nothing that’s been stolen / That I can not replace / Fear is just a distant memory / When you find love surrounds you!”

“Before you open up your eyes / Know that I’ll be there / I’m always right there / Before you walk across the fire / Know that I’ll be there / I’m always right there.”

“I know you feel abandoned / Left on your own / You turned around and they all walked away / But sometimes faith’s the brightest / When you’re not looking down / but when the fire fills your eyes and you see love is all around you!”

“You will never have to walk this road alone again / Before you walk across the fire / I’ll be right there!”

No matter what we go through and where we are, Jesus is right there with us. Like the song says, before we walk across the fire, He will be right there.

#4 Skillet-“Not Gonna Die” (from Rise)

Yes, this is the second time Skillet has shown up in this list, but this song is a very encouraging one in any time or trial-not just suicide.

“Death surrounds / My heartbeat slowing down / I won’t take this worlds abuse / I won’t give up / I refuse / This is how it feels when your bent and broken / This is how it feels when your dignity’s stolen / When everything you love is leaving / You hold on to what you Believe in / The last thing I heard was you whispering goodbye (goodbye) / And then I heard you flat-line.”

“No / Not gonna die tonight / We’re gonna stand and fight forever / (Don’t close your eyes) No / Not gonna die tonight / We’re gonna fight for us together / No we’re not gonna die tonight.”

“Break their hold / Cause I won’t be controlled /They can’t keep their chains on me / When the truth has set me free / This is how it feels when you take your life back / This is how it feels when you finally fight back / When life pushes me I push harder / What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger!”

This song is an anthem of encouragement. NO! We’re not going to let this world beat us! We will stand until the end!

#5 Lacey Sturm-“The Reason” (from My Hope)

Based on her book of the same name, The Reason, this song is a praise to God about how He is the reason we live. If He is the reason, what could justify us taking our lives? This powerful song requires no lyric preview. Just watch. Lacey had planned to kill herself, but that day she was forced to go to church by her grandmother. The pastor told from the pulpit that there was a suicidal spirit there, and later stopped Lacey and revealingly ministered to her about all the things causing problems in her life without knowing her at all. Astonished, she became saved that day. Jesus became her reason to live, as He can be everyone’s. I very much hope that his list I have created will help you if you are dealing with a trial or suicidal thoughts. But always remember, Jesus is the one who gives the hope in these songs, and He is always available. He can help you, just cry out to Him. God Bless y’all!

Jeremiah Jackson

Resident Sonic fan at Geeks Under Grace. Also a drummer as well as a collector, but most importantly I'm a Christian.


  1. Cooper D Barham on December 18, 2014 at 7:45 pm

    Very good list, and I agree with all of these.
    +1 for having two Skillet songs.

  2. Rob M. on December 17, 2014 at 6:35 pm

    Michael Sweet–I’m Not Your Suicide

    Michael Sweet – “I’m Not Your Suicide” (Official…: http://youtu.be/LVBgW7k_a78

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