Tale of the Tape: Godzilla vs King Kong

kvglegendaryKaiju fans rejoice! In 2020, we will be seeing a rematch between two of the most famous movie monsters in history. The upcoming film, Godzilla vs. Kong, has been made possible by the success of the 2014 Godzilla film, and Warner Brothers’ acquisition of King Kong for the development of Kong: Skull Island, coming out in 2017.
Before we got any real information about Warner Brothers’ intentions, or had seen the trailer for Skull Island, we were already imagining the possibilities of a Gozilla/Kong rematch, and what Legendary Pictures would do to make the fight an even match-up for the redesigned, massive monsters. Before we dive deeper into this rematch, though, let’s take a look at the first time these two giants met each other in battle.

The First Round Recap

Humankind was very much at fault for this battle. Godzilla was a product of our experimentation with nuclear technology, while King Kong was sought out for a pharmaceutical company’s personal gain. Godzilla finally awakened from his slumber inside a glacier while King Kong was being captured and hauled back to Japan via boat. Armed forces had already approached the king of monsters by the time Kong woke up. The two first crossed paths when Kong was making his way back home during Godzilla’s rampage. King Kong approached Godzilla, and was met by a few atomic blasts. Kong decided that getting home was more important, so he went on to cause some chaos of his own.
Kong’s own rampage was quickly foiled by the song of his people, which put him to sleep. Godzilla, however, could still not be stopped by the army. After multiple attempts and failures, a new idea was born: put Kong in Godzilla’s path in the hope that he would put a stop to the chaos. In the end, the two monsters were forced to do battle.
There was a myth going around that there were two different endings of the film, based on the region it was released in. This came about due to misinformation from a few different media sources. However, the myth was debunked when the film was released worldwide on VHS in the 80’s. After the two tumble down a cliff, things come to an end when King Kong is shown swimming off into the distance. At the end, when both monsters roar, it’s as though they are taking a bow at the end of a play. The rumors started when only King Kong could be heard at the end of the original U.S. version. The video release and future releases are indeed the proper Japanese version of the film, however, wherein both monsters’ roars can be heard.


The Rematch

If you weren’t on the hype train for this new film already, let me help you with that. We will be taking a look at the redesigns of these beloved beasts, starting with Godzilla. Firstly, note that the newest reincarnation of Godzilla is referred to as the “Legendary” version, though it remains to be seen whether the new version of Kong will be referred to under that title as well. In addition, I’ll be analyzing how this future fight could turn out, based on Godzilla’s 2014 film and what I currently know about Skull Island. For now, I’ll be referring to the new King Kong by the name of  “Skull Island Kong.”


Godzilla: This Legendary version of the King of the Monsters is absolutely massive, measuring a height of 355 feet tall. When looking at the posters and watching the 2014 film, we get a clear picture of his size compared to the San Francisco cityscape. His length is an immense 550 feet, including his tail. For a creature of his size, Godzilla is definitely not slow, either. While traveling as a shark or dolphin would, right below water, Godzilla swam so fast that he caused a tsunami to hit Hawaii during his travels. Director Gareth Edwards has mentioned that komodo dragons and bears were both studied to create Godzilla’s unique fighting style, which is very aggressive. While very intelligent, he seems to pull no punches and cares little for collateral damage. At times, Godzilla’s fighting style even resembles sumo wrestling.
King Kong: Unfortunately, we still have very few details on Skull Island Kong–not even a solid photo as of yet. Yes, we did get a few teased shots in the trailer, but we can all agree that it wasn’t enough to make a real judgement call. However, we do have a bit of information straight from the director’s mouth that we can build a case upon. Director John Vogt-Roberts says, “This is going to be the biggest Kong there’s ever been. Not 10 foot or 30 foot, but a 100-foot ape.” Keep that statement in mind as you watch the trailer. This Kong is clearly going to do some damage with that size and agility. Kong: Skull Island isn’t due to release until March, most likely, but it won’t be long before we do get some better footage of this huge ape.

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vq_QPWMdo8&w=500&h=350″]

Predictions and Final Thoughts

The logistics of how this battle will work aren’t a complete mystery. Even though Godzilla holds a size advantage of about 250 feet, there are a few possible strategies for Kong to be victorious. The first will have to be the use of agility. Kong will have to evade and counter many of Godzilla’s attacks if he wishes to fight him directly. Another could be the use of intelligence. Kong could end up using a more tactical approach, perhaps setting up an ambush or some kind of sneak attack. He could  also make weapons out of the environment. After all, Kong used boulders and trees as weapons in the original movie.
The new Godzilla is intelligent in his own right, though. He was smart enough to know that his atomic breath would damage the insides of that final monster he defeated in Godzilla 2014. I can imagine that he will creatively (and aggressively) put a stop to some of King Kong’s more clever battle tactics. At this point, we can only imagine how the creators of the film will make things play out.


Sadly, we must wait four years to see the outcome of this epic match. Fortunately, we have plenty of other kaiju movies we can binge until then. Before the epic match goes down, we will be seeing Godzilla 2 in 2018–the sequel that will most likely set the stage for things to come. Legendary Pictures will likely model this cinematic universe after the way Marvel has done theirs, except much less complicated. They won’t have to worry about a large roster of characters, or put three movies out for each of them.
I have personally been anticipating this film for awhile now, and even created a fan-made movie poster of my own. The first Godzilla was met with a primarily negative reception, but I really enjoyed it despite its issues. Kong: Skull Island looks to be promising as well, though I am a big fan of Peter Jackson’s version of the film. My hope is that this tale of the tape causes the brakes to fall off of this hype train, or inspires you to come aboard the franchise bandwagon.


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