Review: Moms’ Night Out

Moms’ Night Out is a decent attempt at a chick flick comedy. What starts with good promise and a few funny jokes ends up devolving into a typical night gone wrong but with too much unbelievability for my taste. However, overall the film is solid. The main character Allyson (played by Sarah Drew) is OCD to a fault and finds that being a stay at home mom to multiple children, is nothing but an excessive amount of stress for her. Raising kids has been a lifelong dream (I can hear the feminist crying how sexist this is already) and yet she feels unfulfilled and that she is doing a sub par job at best. Her husband (played by Sean Astin) backs her up as any good man does by telling her what a wonderful job she is doing, but she isn’t buying it. One day at a book club meeting, despite her never having the time to read books, she texts her friend (Logan White) about having a night out at a fancy restaurant while they are sitting next to each other. They both are down and invite the pastors wife (Patricia Heaton) too because… they don’t say besides her looking stressed. Once the three women go out on the town all chaos ensues.
I admit I am proud to say I can suggest this film to women and not be embarrassed or feel the need to explain anything. Typically when suggesting a Christian film, you have to explain why it feels like a B movie. We have finally reached the point where Christian movies are moving out of B movie territory and into good yet cliché territory. I crave the day when they move into trying something new and succeeding. For the time being, Mom’s Night Out is good enough in all aspects but doesn’t excel in anything. The acting isn’t bad but at the same time, is nothing spectacular. The writing is nothing cringe worthy but nothing witty either. The jokes seem to be mostly front loaded as the back half of the film is much ado about nothing. However, the taser scene single handedly makes the final part of the movie worth it. It is also worth noting that a few actors from Courageous show up here as well. Alex Kendrick (director and lead of Courageous), Kevin Downes (Shane in Courageous), and Robert Amaya (from the infamous Snake Kings scene). Trace Adkins shows up in act three of the film and surprisingly does a good job in his role. The music is a mix of Christian (though not forced) and Gangnam Style. Gangnam Style threw me off a bit but nothing is wrong with the lyrics despite “hey sexy lady”, if that is offensive to you. Also, while I don’t care for tattoos, you would think they are something absolutely trashy based off the way they are portrayed here.
Despite nothing really standing out and the final act of the film being anti climatic, this film stands as a solid chick flick and an even better film for Christian women. I wouldn’t recommend it for guys but there is much worse films to be forced to watch by the old ball and chain (looking at you every Nicholas Sparks film ever).



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Wesley Wood

Wesley Wood is an aspiring film director. He would love to make GOOD films to help spread God's word and help Christians grow.

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