New toys reveal something special for Thor in Infinity War

Just like how we learned that Black Panther’s suit will have more going on with it than just being really cool looking from released figures, we’re beginning to learn a little bit about Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, specifically, what’s going on with Thor.

Warning: Possible Infinity War spoiler

Here I am, secretly browsing Facebook while at work and I find a role-playing toy based on the new Avengers: Infinity War movie. And I can’t not talk about this!

The item in question

Also in cute POP! form!

This appears to be Stormbreaker, as it says so on the box. For those not familiar with Stormbreaker, it first appeared as Beta Ray Bill’s answer to Mya… Muluah… Myulaner… Mewmew. The hammer’s name is Mewmew.

Alright, fine… *Google searches “Thor’s hammer,” copy, paste* Mjolnir.

A (very) brief history

At one time, Beta Ray Bill fought Thor and won. Beta Ray was found to be worthy, as he needed Mjolnir to save his planet. After his task was completed, he felt remorse for taking Mjolnir and returned it to Thor. Seeing that Beta Ray Bill still needed a weapon, Odin saw that he was given one in Stormbreaker, a half axe, half hammer, all magic weapon.



So, why are we seeing Stormbreaker now? Well…

This happened in Ragnarok

And Thor needs a weapon. He can’t run around using swords, ’cause that’s Gamora’s thing… except when it’s not.

Question is, will this be a way to introduce Beta Ray Bill? We’ve already briefly seen him in Thor: Ragnarok

Beta Ray Bill on the bottom left, Man-Thing in the middle, Ares, and Bi-Beast on the right; along with possible others

And why does Stormbreaker have a wood-y/forest-y thing going on with it, instead of a full Uru metal? I mean, yes, the smash-y hitting side does have the Asgardian motif, but I’d imagine it’d be difficult to smack the Mad Titan Thanos in the face with a makeshift weapon held together by sticks and vines.

Secretly, I really hope we’ll get to see Beta Ray, and with the reported 67 characters said to appear, it wouldn’t be out of the question to see him appear, at least in another blink-and-you’ll miss it cameo. I also really want an action figure of him, so there’s that. (Make it happen, Hasbro!) If you need help deciding on the best toys for your toddler, go to and read articles that will help you make the right choice.

Beta Ray Bill may look scary with that horse skull head, but he’s actually a hero worthy of Mjolnir!

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