Monsters on the Inside

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? 
–Jeremiah 17:9
Some monsters look like normal human beings on the outside. Their greed, insensitivity, carelessness, lust, or rage gives them away. Even though they do not possess horns, fangs, or claws, they put our heroes in danger because of their selfish agendas and egomania. Here are a few of my favorite fictional humans with the hearts of monsters.
Note: This list is not exhaustive by any means. I wanted to highlight the characters with human backgrounds and human means to execute their treachery. I left out the Joker, Green Goblin and Wilson Fisk on purpose because those guys have gotten enough attention.

Lex Luthor


Lex Luthor is considered the second smartest man in the DC Universe. His business savvy and know-how for getting rich would put Trump to shame. He has a tight grip on new military technology, and his understanding of engineering, chemistry, and physics knows no bounds. It is because Lex knows how smart he is that he is full of himself. He is also so obsessed with being the most powerful man in the world that he has a constant vendetta against Superman. Coincidentally, he became president of the United States and ordered a nation-wide manhunt for Superman and Batman. He unleashed Doomsday from his underground cell to fight Superman, which haphazardly killed many people in the process. In one event, he created his own Injustice League to kill a city of people just so the Justice League could be monitored.



One could argue that Ganondorf is a supernatural beast, but his beginnings are very humble. Ganondorf is known as the King of Evil. As the last member of the Gerudo clan, his only aim is to conquer the world using the power of darkness. His plan is to use the power of the Triforce to wish for total world domination. Though Ganondorf has many forms, his most noticeable one is the evil warlord from Ocarina of Time. As the legend goes, a hero will stand against the King of Shadows and stop his reign, but Ganondorf is so relentless for his pursuit of darkness that Link will not have an easy time.

George Foyet


Criminal Minds is full of nasty unsubs that kill for insane reasons, but none are more treacherous than George Foyet. He kills both of his parents because his father mistreated him and his mother was too weak to protect him. He has a hatred for women, which is why his murders are so gruesome toward the fairer sex. The Reaper, as the BAU calls him, committed 20 murders in the 90’s. Since then, he was able to keep his identity hidden. He continues his murder spree in the late 2000’s, harassing the lead detective with a game of cat and mouse. Eventually, the BAU team has to call off the investigation because The Reaper strikes a deal that he will stop killing if they call off the hunt.

 Eric Bischoff


During his days as the owner of WCW, Eric Bischoff made it his goal to destroy the lives of any wrestler who challenged him. He formed the NWO, which was a team of massive bad boys who ganged up on anyone in the ring. His political games with Hollywood Hogan in his corner ensured that he would always have the World Championship. He defeated Ric Flair in 1999 to take control of WCW. He almost destroyed the X-Division in TNA, and he was a giant thorn in the side for the faces in WWE. While most wrestlers convert from heel to face in their career, Eric can be found mostly on the side of the bad guys.

Kraven the Hunter


Most likely the top contender for disregarding the sanctity of life, Kraven is a hunter. He captures big game targets like Spider-Man, using arrows, nets, and his bare hands. He gets a thrill from hunting his prey and wishes he could mount their heads on his wall. In certain stories, he will set up torturous games for Spider-Man by kidnapping Aunt May. He believes in a code of honor, letting his helpless victims have a “fair” chance in the hunt. As canon dictates, before Kraven died of an aging illness, he buried Spider-Man alive, impersonated him, and committed crimes in his name. This is truly one sick dude.

Jean Loring


The ex-wife of Ray Palmer (The Atom) has always been a supportive wife in the Justice League. Like the other wives of the Justice League, she cared deeply for the life of her husband Ray. On one fateful night she decided to fake an assault on Elongated Man’s wife, Sue Dibny. The assault was botched and Sue Dibny ended up dying. Jean continued to cover up the murder, but also staged more assaults on famous heroes’ families. In her sick mind she thought she was helping heroes grow closer to their wives and families, but her deeds made her even more reckless and twisted. She was responsible for killing Tim Drake’s stepfather and Captain Boomerang. She would later become the supervillain, Eclipso, but long before then she was already a monster.

Other Notable “Monsters”


Tori: A WWE Diva who cheated on Kane with X-Pac and manipulated many matches for her own gains.
Bullseye: A sadistic killer in the Marvel Universe who gets a thrill from murdering women and children.
Goh Hinogami: A trained judo assassin who works with the J6 corporation to kill every participant of the Virtua Fighter tournament.
The Operative: An agent for the Union of Allied Planets, the Operative is a covert killer who uses murder and espionage in the Firefly universe to create his version of utopia.

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