Interview – Max McLean – Founder of the Fellowship for Performing Arts and Writer of The Most Reluctant Convert

Max McLean has been a very busy man for the past year and a half! The founder of the Fellowship for Performing Arts was faced with a dilemma when COVID-19 started as he was unable to tour any of his stage productions across the United States. His popular adaptations of the works of C.S. Lewis—The Great Divorce, The Screwtape Letters, and The Most Reluctant Convert—couldn’t be toured during a plague when audiences felt unsafe. With time and resources to spare, he poured his energy into a film adaptation of his 2016 stageplay based on Lewis’ book Surprised by Joy.

The film became The Most Reluctant Convert; a film adaptation directed by documentarian and dramatist Norman Stone and starring McLean as the lead character, C.S. Lewis.

We at Geeks Under Grace were lucky enough to be able to review the film early before its one-day-only screening on November 3rd. It’s also been much to our pleasure to find out that the film has done so well as to warrant at least three expanded screenings. At the moment, the film is still playing in theaters through December 2 (check local listings).

Anyone interested in still seeing the film in theaters, before its inevitable DVD and On-Demand release, can find a theater screening it through the FPA Website here.

Geeks Under Grace was also granted a wonderful opportunity to speak with Mr. McLean while he’s still working on promotion for the film! He sat down with our own Tyler Hummel for over twenty minutes to discuss the filmmaking process, his experience as an actor, and how the FPA has adjusted to life after COVID-19.

You can view the interview here on YouTube!

Tyler Hummel

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