Wizard 101 Shoots Itself in the Foot with Promotion

Early November 15, 2018, kid’s video game Wizard101 announced a new promotion that’s running from now until November 18. It’s a “the more you buy the more you get” sort of promotion, which is troubling enough on a game marketed squarely at kids.

However, one intrepid Twitter geek ran the numbers and what he found is alarming, to say the least:


You read right. You have to spend more than I pay to rent my apartment for a month, and spend it within 3 days, to get the top bracket of bonuses in this promotion.

It’s no surprise that the Wizard101 Twitter account has been in damage control mode all day, but their damage control has been of the “keep saying it’s good and people will buy it” type. They did post a helpful FAQ, which I dug into to find this little gem myself:

The highlighted text means that if you don’t get the top tier of bonus gifts this time, you can’t pick up from where you left off the next time it comes around, you have to start all over (and likely spend another few hundred dollars to get the top tier that time as well).

This is quite possibly the worst idea for a promotion Wizard101 parent company Kingsisle has ever come up with, but as of this writing they’re not saying anything about pulling it back, they’re sticking with it.

So, in a game aimed directly at kids, this company is promoting the concept of “Spend! Spend! Spend! Then spend some more!” I don’t think that’s a message any parent, Christian or otherwise, wants their kids to see in a video game. Kingsisle should be deeply ashamed of this, cancel this “promotion” immediately, and never bring anything like it into their games again.

David Fernau

Born the same year as Star Trek: TOS, and with a Navy electronics tech for a father, David was pretty much destined to be a geek. Coming to Christ as a young man, he has enjoyed combining these two facets of his personality. When not reading or playing video games, he works for the local hospital, enjoys cooking, baseball, photography, and videography

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  1. FlintsEpicSword on February 7, 2020 at 1:14 pm

    We need a public apology.
    Especially considering how they keep on bringing this back. Wish they’d listen to the community and take any if not all criticism into consideration instead of removing all our outraged responses and attempting to silence us. This is getting purely ridiculous. This is the same of a dying game. One that takes profit profit profit! ahead of even good game play and listening to the community. When will it end?

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