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This past weekend (September 19-21, 2014) was the Tokyo Game Show in Japan. It’s one of the biggest video game conventions in the world, showcasing the newest, biggest, and jaw-dropping games or technology as of now. We have all the big boys coming to town, from Sony to Nintendo to Microsoft, showing off their shiny toys for the world to drool and throw money at. Of course, a lot of these games won’t see the light of day in your home till next year, or even 2016, but hey, at least we know they’re coming!

I will put a disclaimer before I continue.

*I may not cover the game that you wanted me to mention, understand that I am mentioning the games that I personally am looking forward to and the ones that I feel are getting the most coverage.*

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD & Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae

These two games are massively popular especially in Japan. The release dates are: PS4/Xbox One March 17, 2015 (USA), March 19 (Japan), March 20 (Europe).

Now, that’s for FF Type-0 HD, not Duscae. Final Fantasy XV: Duscae will be included as a playable demo with Type-0. So if you’re looking forward to playing it early, you’re going to have to get Type-0 first.

Personally, the trailer (see it above) threw me off a little what with the FF XV characters driving a fancy car and then looking at a giant creature like it’s a cow out to pasture. Seeing cars in Final Fantasy is nothing new, even FF 13 had lots of vehicles and so did FF7, but it’s just a little odd for my tastes. The characters themselves look pretty similar, which was also strange, since normally Final Fantasy characters look very different from each other to display individuality.

In regards to graphics, they are amazing! Really beautiful stuff displayed in this trailer. Most viewers have had their breath taken away. Watch and join the club.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse:  Release Date TBA

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DBXVGameLogoThe newest and what looks like the hottest title in the Dragon Ball Z universe is coming to PS4, PS3, Steam and Xbox. This is not just a rehash of previous games; it contains a twist with two new characters, Towa and Mira. These two are time travelers who seek to distort the Dragon Ball timeline so that it never comes to pass. Of course, we can’t let that happen, so Masahiro Kashino announced in TGS (Tokyo Game Show) 2014 that players will create their own character who they can customize in their own way.

What’s so great about this? Female super saiyans! Many fans, myself included, have always wanted to see a female Super Saiyan so this can finally happen in Xenoverse. Why, oh why, did Pan never go SSJ (Super Saiyan)? I am really looking forward to this one, because it seems like the creators want this title to really take the DBZ world to another level.

Metal Gear Solid 5:  Phantom Pain (Release date 2015)

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Phantom Pain, the latest installment to the Metal Gear series is most likely the top game of all at the TGS. Kojima-san (the creator of Metal Gear) is even rolling out a Metal Gear Collection. Not a collection of games, but a clothing line! I’m all for it. I already have my eyes on the boots, but wow, this game is seriously popular. When was the last time you heard of a game creating a clothing line?

In the trailer above, we meet the newest character to the series a sniper named Quiet. She seems to be a non-player character who helps Snake on missions. She’s the strong-and-silent (insert laughter) type. One concern is she doesn’t wear much. Her clothing is pretty revealing, so be aware of that. From what I gathered, she has some kind of power that makes her eyes grow dark with mascara looking lines, but I’m sure more on that is to come.

Of all these upcoming games, I want to get my hands on Phantom Pain as soon as possible to see how Snake’s story will continue.

The Rest Of TGS 2014

TGS 2014 also highlighted two upcoming games, Bloodborne and Silent Hills. I won’t go over them because of the dark, horror and demonic occult themes in both. I feel that giving these two games space here would show that I support them, which I don’t (I only speak for myself as a writer for Geeks Under Grace, not for everyone else.). See below a list of other games that are coming out soon to a console near you! These are important updates to the gaming world, but I feel that the above were the cream of the crop of this year’s Tokyo Game Show 2014.

  • Snake in Metal Gear 5: Phantom Pain will contain a helpful non-player character called DD (Diamond Dog) who will help Snake in several missions–if you can find him in the game.
  • Zodiac, an upcoming roll-playing game, is bringing together the creators of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, so RPG lovers (myself included!) can look forward to an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G game.
  • Hands on playable model of the new Nintendo 3DS coming out next year.  I’m looking forward to purchasing this one myself.
  • Ultra Street Fighter 4 is now including an Omega Mode which will switch around the character’s fighting moves and specials for a more unique experience. This will make the game more challenging even to vets.
  • Bloodborne coming out Feb. 6, 2015
  • Silent Hills is still in development, but with Hideo Kojima on board for some of the games production, you can expect a story that will boggle your mind and torment your dreams.
Which of these games are you looking forward to, and why? Did you watch any interviews of Tokyo Game Show 2014, and if so, what did you think of the event? Are you planning on ever going to Japan, and would it be okay if I can stowaway in your suitcase (small holes for air required)? 😉

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