Review: Tiny Brains

A mad scientist has been running experiments on animals to the point where they have gained special abilities. They are being forced through puzzles against their will.

This game is a puzzler. You control 4 characters that have special abilities. Each character is essential in solving the puzzles.  One character can teleport, one can pull objects, one can push them and one can create blocks of ice.  You are able to play online and allow other players to drop in and play with you.  However, if that player doesn’t know what he/she is doing, you are subjected to frustration as you wait for them to figure it out.

Initially the first couple of puzzles are fun to play, but become tedious and repetitive after a few rounds. The controls aren’t very polished and you will find them to be frustrating at times. The aiming mechanism is not as good as it should be.

This game could be and was on the last generation of consoles.  There is nothing overtly special about the graphics, in fact it would have been nicer to see more emphasis on the graphics.

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