(Part 2) The Majesty of Memory—A Devotional for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

(Major spoilers for all of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to follow!)

Welcome back to our Breath of the Wild devotional series! You can find part 1 here. Each devotional is tied to a specific Captured Memory, so you can read each one if you have found the corresponding Captured Memory. But really, this is designed to give you a series of dedicated devotionals after you finish the game and Breath of the Wild makes it fairly easy to go back and watch each Captured Memory (or you can use YouTube).

To prevent “self-spoiling,” each devotional will appear weekly in its own post, in a six-week series. This also gives you time to engage with the questions raised and we look forward to some discussion either here on the site or on our Facebook page. We hope these devotionals help your faith journey, and allow you to continue to see God in all of Creation.

Memory #5, Zelda’s Resentment

From the beginning, Zelda is not excited to work with Link. Several of the memories indicate she views his presenceand his swordas an indication of her own failure to unlock the magic that can seal Ganon away. Here, she is trying to open an Ancient Shrine that can only be unearthed by the chosen of the sword (Link). And when Link shows up, she is not happy, and she stomps off, rather than actually trying to work with him to open the shrine. Of course, we know in the long run that they come to rely on each other, and even save Hyrule together.

By the same token, God places people in your life that perhaps you wish that he hadn’t. Maybe a frustrating coworker, or maybe friends of friends inserting themselves into your social circles, or maybe the significant other of a relative. But there might be a reason that you can’t yet see.


  • Can you think of someone that you were initially quite unhappy to be around, but now you can see the blessing that they were to your life?
  • Is there someone right now in your life, for whom you need to step back and think about how God might intend for them to be there?
  • Has anyone ever been displeased to have you around? Can you see the good of the situation, even if they could not?



Derek Thompson

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