RIP, RTS: Command and Conquer

Generals art

Some readers are probably wondering why I have not discussed Command & Conquer: Generals, a game that many C&C fans believe is the best C&C game of all time. Well, I confess that I did not play Generals (or Renegade, but it is in an entirely different genre) because it did not fit within the lore of the C&C universe to my liking. Generals did not have the FMV-based intros and outros to stages nor did it show me some cool sci-fi stuff. It is my least favorite C&C game that I did not play.


On the other hand, C&C: Tiberian Twilight is my least favorite C&C that I actually played. The graphical downgrade from TW and RA3 is shameful. EA wanted to finish what Westwood began with Mechwarrior inspiration with the Avatar above. Gone is the awesome version from TW, and we are left with this…thing. If TW is like Legos with its smaller, detailed polygons, then TT is like Duplo with its much larger, simpler design. I’m not going to add to the word count here to discuss how bad Tiberian Dawn is particularly because my disgust can be attributed to what it attempted to accomplish, and that was transition the C&C franchise from the RTS to something more like a MMORPG or MOBA. Gross. Just stay away from that abomination.

Coming soon to RIP, RTS: I’m gonna have to get more crafty about how I write this series.