Review – Will Fight for Food: Super Actual Sellout: Game of the Hour

PC, Mac, Linux

ESRB: Not Rated
Genre: Side-scrolling Brawler, RPG, Adventure
Developer: Pyrodactyl
Publisher: Pyrodactyl
Release Date: April 22, 2015
Price: $4.99 ($6.49 Canada)
Will Fight for Food is a game among a sea of games that tries to play on your sense of nostalgia. It is a side-scrolling brawler, RPG, and adventure game all rolled into one. Sounds good right? Read my review below to find out.



Jared Casey Dent was a wrestler who lost in  his own tournament. The Marine beat him in the first round. He fell from grace and disappeared. He is now back and looking for redemption and revenge.
The story to Will Fight for Food is very basic and reminds me of a lot of games that it is mimicking.

Content Warning

There is talk of drugs/alcohol use.
A character talks about being a satanist.
The word douchebag is used. The Lord’s name is taken in vain repeatedly.
The game is about beating people up. You can attack and beat anyone up.



The RPG elements of Will Fight for Food include an inventory system and the ability to outfit the main character with items to make him stronger. This game is also  adventure heavy requiring you to do missions and figure out puzzles.
The dialog system is complex and requires you to choose body posture, tone and actual speech. The choices you make in certain situations that you encounter will help or hurt your progress through the game. Of course, at any time you can simply pull down your mask and beat your way through the game, which is the old school brawler part of the game.
During the the brawler sequences of Will Fight for Food it feels like playing a game like Double Dragon. The problem with nostalgia is that memory is sometimes better than reality. You start playing these games thinking it will be as you remembered playing these types of games. You then are hit with the hard reality that these games are not as good as you remember. The controls are clunky and the hit detection is not very good.
The problem with games that are over-reliant on nostalgia is that they rarely try to add any new type of gameplay. It is almost like the thought is everyone loved these old games and that should be enough. This is what Will Fight for Food is like. This may have been enough before, but there are games like Fez and TowerFall that are examples on how to do nostalgia right. They both took old games styles and made them their own. Will to Fight fails to do this.
Will Fight for Food is a very short game. It can take you anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to play through depending how many side quests you do.



This is the part that Will Fight for Food gets right, and where the sense of nostalgia begins and in this case should have ended. The 80’s synth music that many games had then is present and it is amazing. The art style compliments the music. However I do not think Pyrodactyl went far enough, and they should have went fully 8-bit or 16-bit with the graphics instead of using Flash. Such a choice would have helped sell the nostalgia more.


Will Fight for Food is a game that could be very good, but relying too much on nostalgia has stopped it from being just that. All Pyrodactyl needs to do is tighten up the controls and make the hit detection better. Just because we have fond memories of how certain games played, does not mean that the gameplay was actually good.

The Bottom Line


Will Fight for Food could be a very good game. Pyrodactyl just needs to tighten up the controls and make the game a whole lot longer.


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