Review: Rehtona (PC)

Developer: Dot 4 Joy

Publisher: Joyient

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Platformer

Platforms: PC

Rating: None (E for Everyone, likely)

Price: $12.99

When I was younger during the stone age of the 8-bit era, the first successful puzzle game that I can really remember is Tetris, remarkable for its simplicity and the hours of enjoyment that many people get from it to this day. I have played some other puzzles games since Tetris, but I feel that I need to start this review by admitting that I am not great at logic puzzles.

I found Rehtona intriguing based upon its trailer, but I was worried that I wouldn’t get through the game. Its world consists of a fantastic city that floats in the clouds. Rehtona, the main character, awakens at the beginning of the game to find that something has gone horribly wrong with the world causing it to break into pieces. Through the gameplay, Rehtona must find puzzle pieces that unlock memories of the world. The memories come from a girl who looks like Rehtona, but I can’t say more without spoiling the game.

Content Guide

Rehtona has no ESRB rating at this time, but it most likely would be given an E for Everyone. It contains no violence nor any questionable content. I would not recommend the game for young children because of the difficult puzzles.


Rehtona is a puzzle platformer whose simplicity hides a complex logic puzzle. When I sit down at the end of my day, I like to play dramatic and action-oriented games to help me relax. Puzzles, on the other hand, are frustrating, and Rehtona did indeed frustrate me many times because of the complexity contained in the puzzles. In the beginning, solving puzzles seems really easy, but the difficulty moves up quickly. The game does frustrate me, but I still think that it is well-made for the right gamer.

The world has been broken into pieces and Rehtona doesn’t remember who she is. The titular character needs to figure out how to put the world back together as well as her memories. She travels from level to level on her friend Musii a large wooden bird. At the start of each level, Musii drops off Rehtona then glitches out of the world until Rehtona can grab a puzzle piece in the level which brings Musii back. Lasers block Rehtona from getting to the puzzle piece, and there are two parts of each level that she must navigate in order to get the puzzle piece. The light world is the side that each puzzle starts in. Once she has a key, she can unlock a door to the shadow world of each level. Blocks changed in the shadow world by appearing or disappearing.

Rehtona moves blocks around the level to block the lasers or reach the key or puzzle piece. She can only push the blocks forward which can be frustrating when two blocks end up next each other. The game introduces new blocks with various powers in later levels. One of the blocks that I found most helpful is the cargo block; it looks like a wooden crate with a downward arrow on it. There is a lever in another part of the level which drops a helicopter block down onto the cargo block. I use the cargo block in different ways depending on the level sometimes I use it to get up higher, other times I use the helicopter block to break up other blocks, or I use the cargo block to block the lasers. One hint states, “Blocks can have more than one use.” Thinking creatively is a key part of solving the puzzles.


The graphics are 8-bit but are still very colorful and the background appears to be three dimensional as it moves when the character moves. The animations are limited. For example, when Rehtona moves blocks she seems to slide along the ground. The environment is not interactive at all, and just goes through an animation loop during gameplay. Audio features in each level have similar background sounds and music, but they get annoying as they loop for the fifth time. Controlling Rehtona is easy as the game supports a controller. However, I did experience difficulty at times because of the tight spacing on the levels which would require split-second timing.

Later stage of Rehtona

The levels in Rehtona are well-designed. In order to solve the puzzle, each move must be done in a certain order.  There are two functions of the game that allows the player to move back in time one move or restart the level completely if the player makes a wrong move.  I wish that there was also a better hint system that would provide a better starting point in each level.  There are hints during load screens, but they are often vague.  I restarted levels five to six times before getting frustrated and walking away for a time.  Every time I walked away though, I could come back and solve the puzzle within one or two tries.

As I said before, I am not a puzzle game guy. I really had trouble with Rehtona because at times some levels would leave me so frustrated that I didn’t want to come back to finish them. I think this game would be better served on a mobile platform. I found that as a full release PC game there is little story and not a lot of replayability. When I started playing the game I immediately thought that my wife would love this game more because she plays mobile puzzle games every day. If your someone who likes mobile puzzle games then this may be a game for you when it comes to Android and iOS which should be sometime in the near future.

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