Review – OlliOlli World

Not Quite Grind Simulator


Developer Roll7
Publisher Private Division
Genre Action-Adventure
Platforms PS4 (reviewed), PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows
Release Date February 3, 2022
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OlliOlli World, made by Roll7, is an adventure/sports game where players jump, grind, wall ride, and spin across fifty unique levels. With lots of customization, weekly ranking challenges, and numerous objectives per level, OlliOlli World has a lot to enjoy.


There’s no bad language, obscene costumes, blood, or anything negative.


OlliOlli World consists of a large world called Radlandia, a place dripping with everything on the spectrum of skateboarding culture, from the gnarly ripped jeans, tattoos, studded belts, screaming knuckleheads, to “I only wear the best name brand” knuckleheads, to the planet-conscious, all natural knuckleheads. 

If gamers have ever seen one episode of Adventure Time, then players know what to expect from the world of OlliOlli. The world is filled with soft, bright colors, and strange object-themed characters. Walking cupcakes, big-nosed trees, crooked cactus houses, and three-eyed fish are just a few things that walk around and inhabit this fictional world.

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The gameplay is simple: jump, grind, perform tricks, wallride, find obstacles, and uncover alternate paths. The levels do a good job of slowly increasing in difficulty, introducing everything players can do. As the game progresses, abilities are explained with enough time to learn and master them between worlds. The cool thing is to realize that none of these are unlocked; players can use all of the tricks and skills from the very beginning, discovering them by simply pushing every button, as I did.

Like most sports games, mastering the controls is for the challenges and for perfecting runs for every course. Players only need to learn how to wallride, hold moves while in the air (which is just pointing the right stick in any direction), and grind to beat the game. The challenges vary depending on level, with some exceptions. Every level has the challenge of beating it in one run without using a checkpoint, and beating three different tiers of point markers. For the rest of the time, it can range from finding someone on an alternate path, avoiding critters on the track, collecting certain crystals, or hitting specific walls or grinds. 

grind away

The meat and potatoes are found in the challenges, if that wasn’t apparent. Completing them unlocks flashier moves, clothing, and decks, so there are definitely cool things to earn for all that hard work. But it is indeed some hard work. The later levels will require entire levels to be beaten with one continuous combo of moves. 

It was difficult for me to wrap my head around them being possible, seeing as how I couldn’t remember the controls half the time. Jumping is performed with the left control stick, and the X button (or bottom button of the controller) is to kick for more speed. After a while, I noticed I wasn’t landing grinds in one spot repeatedly. Restarting fixed it, but I wondered how many times I was failing on simple objectives because of game difficulties. And finally, wall riding does not work consistently since no momentum is gained, so don’t try to pull off any advanced moves in between grinding and wall-riding since they will sap speed and inevitably break that hard-earned combo.


OlliOlli World is streamlined with gamers’ time in mind. Cutscenes are skippable, courses are short but deep upon exploration, and the top controller button acts as a reset feature that can be used at anytime on the track. Load times are quick, and the controls are responsive. The worlds have so much to see in each level, and it is enjoyable to discover each path on every individual course. There are even a lot of customization options, from decks, to body attributes, to clothing. It is a game that can facilitate all skill levels, and despite my hang-ups on the controls, is well worth visiting.

The Bottom Line


A great game for fun that is worth your time.



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