Review — OlliOlli World: VOID Riders Expansion

Take Me to Your Speedster


Developer Roll7
Publisher Private Division
Genre Action, Adventure
Platforms PC, Switch, Xbox One, S|X, PS4 (reviewed), PS5
Release Date June 15, 2022

Practice makes perfect. Musicians hear that all the time. Gamers take it as a mantra. Jirard “The Completionist” Khalil and his friends, the Super Beard Bros. use the mantra, “tight bois take their time”. I heard this a lot when they played Dark Souls 3. It’s what I kept telling myself during my hardcore run through of OlliOlli World. It was a good challenge, one that drove me to forsake the side quests, the high scores, the extra threads, and see the end through. I did it, even when my skills were teetering at the finish line.

I eagerly jumped into the DLC, thankful for the opportunity, and stoked at the implication of multiple expansions by the “Expansion 1” flag.

Void Riders Expansion introduces a “far out” concept of extraterrestrial goodness. With 18 levels, it promised to be a nice afternoon to return. I got a little more than I expected. The new levels are spread through Cloverbrook, Burntrock, and Sunshine Valley, with variations added. UFO’s have come en masse. They abduct the scenery in the background, they abduct parts of the level, and they try to abduct you.

It’s all quite clever, really. The traction beams can be used to get higher or lower depending on where players see the level progressing. While parts of the level are being taken up, wall slides and rails appear. It becomes a game of flying blind, not knowing where the next part will come. And that’s the special twist for the last level: The Nebulord.

I found myself pulling off combinations that would last the entire level. And my high scores were reaching digits unknown. It was amazing. The time away from OlliOlli World had helped me, and dare I say, led me to enjoy the game a little more as well. I spent more time getting the extra costumes and challenges because I felt better at the game. And these were the harder levels I was having a blast through!

But the Nebulord pulled a skill check on me. The last level is a small stage of repeatedly jumping over a lava pit with new and fast-paced obstacles to grind or jump. It was the quickest I had to be in the game thus far. With so much repeating, and no checkpoints, my hands were mixing up the controls.

But the Nebulord’s level had been conquered, and the appropriate praise was given by the big entity itself.

The glowy space duds were my favorite part of the expansion. I worked especially hard to grab Khevyn’s pants. Along with the extra content, the graphics were improved. The choppy movements of the NPC’s were a thing of the past. I was pleased to see it improved since the last time I played the game.

This DLC is an excellent addition to OlliOlli World, and I’m looking forward to future releases.

The Bottom Line


This brought more of what there was to enjoy, and fixed some graphical fidelity, it's a win.



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