Review– OlliOlli World: Find the Flowzone DLC


Developer Roll7
Publisher Private Division
Genre Action-Adventure
Platforms PS4 (reviewed), Switch, PC, Xbox
Release Date November 2, 2022

Here we are, at the end of the year, with surprising releases. OlliOlli World developer Roll7 released their second and final downloadable content, Finding the Flowzone. After the quick release of Void Riders I didn’t expect to see Flowzone so soon, but it is out, and I was fortunate enough to try it out. Pack a jacket, cause the winds of review are blowing!

jumping over plane

Content Guide

There’s no need for a content guide, but if you do need one, check out my review for the base game.


The little story goes that three skaters are looking for the lost continent of Radlantis. Thematically, this is a perfect add-on. What makes it better is that finding it depends on finding map shards. Each new level contains three, and they are scattered about, requiring the perfect run, or more than likely, multiple revisits. I did not find this annoying. After all, the levels are quick to load, and resetting is a matter of seconds; OlliOlli World is still an easy game to get in and out of. Getting to the next set of three levels will unlock once a certain number of map shards are found, so you don’t have to find all of them to finish. 

riding upward wind

New levels, new gimmicks. These were easier to digest than Void Riders personally, and it brought something I wanted from the base game: mad air. Gail Force has unleashed her powers. Massive air currents will push and pull your skater all around in clever and exciting ways. 

Radlantis also has new, even harder paths called Burly Routes. These paths test you on the finer skills of the game, especially firecracker, and require more trial than ever. I have not completed a single Burly Route as of yet. They take mastery to get to, and get out of. It’s nice that they are there for expert players.

riding intense wind

The costumes and customizable trinkets this time around weren’t as eye-appealing as those in Void Riders (although the bomber clothing is pretty tight), but that doesn’t mean there’s no shortage of rewards. As usual, they can be earned by earning the highest score and achieving specific level goals. 

With how much the wind will be pushing players along, the levels will be fast, leaving little time to think. And the levels do not skimp on things to experience. There will be a lot more resetting and run-throughs for sure, but it’s all worth it. 

map overview

That’s been my opinion of OlliOlli World throughout the entire adventure. I’ve never played such a unique kind of skating game. So much love and thought have gone into it, that I highly recommend the game whenever people ask. I’m looking forward to what Roll7 has in store for the future.

The Bottom Line


More of the great things about OlliOlli World, and then some.



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