Review: Mario Party 10 (Wii U)

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Mario Party is probably a series that you remember fondly. It was a major hit on the N64 and caused many parties to last longer than they should. The games started to be churned out way too fast on the GameCube and subsequently the series paid for it. Fans got burnt out and we only saw two titles on the Wii with one being hailed as the worst of them all (*cough* Mario Party 9 *cough*). How has Mario Party handled the jump to the Wii U? Did the HD coat of paint make the series feel fresh again?
Bowser is having a grand time.

Bowser is having a grand time.

Content Warning

Nothing major, but I will mention how there are ghosts aka “Boos” present in the game and all they do is steal your mini stars. They are not frightening in the least. Bowser is here and featured as the main villain. He loves to chase down the Mario Party team and this could scare very young children (under 6 years of age), but still nothing to be concerned about for anyone else.



Hold on a second! Even if you have played a previous Mario Party game, do not skip this section! For anyone who skipped Mario Party 9, like myself, will find a whole new party here. For those who have played Mario Party 9, you will find a game with a new game mode.
That mode is… Bowser Party! Yes, it is awesome. This allows a fifth person to be added to the party and they play as Bowser. How this works is that you have four people playing as anyone from the Mario universe. But, while they are all using Wii motes, which is required, the fifth person plays as Bowser and uses the GamePad. I had a ton of fun as Bowser.
While everyone travels the board in hopes of reaching the Star at the end, Bowser is in hot pursuit to attack them and take away all of their health. Previous Mario Party titles had you competing against one another, but now Mario Party 10 has you banding together for the common goal of escaping the invincible Bowser. All four players have health and Bowser rids them of it in his mini games. The Bowser mini games are quite fun and a user-controlled Bowser seems almost over-powered. However, user-controlled Mario characters off-set this and it is just a flat out good time.
So many people disliked Mario Party 9 for forcing everyone to travel together. I did not understand this until I jumped into Mario Party 10 and yeah, it all makes sense now. While I understand all of the Mario characters being together to escape Bowser, it did not make much sense in Mario Party mode. Mario Party mode ends up being a linear affair with no strategy and the occasional mini game. What a waste.
I did welcome the unlockables you can acquire with points you gain from playing the game. These range from new characters, to music, and even new vehicles.
If you want to skip all the hoopla of the board game then Mario Party 10 has a mode where you all can just play mini games which is, of course, where most of the fun is to be found. The Wii mote is actually properly utilized here and it felt natural. The mini games themselves are solid and plentiful as well. With over seventy of them, you can’t go wrong. Despite the amount of game boards you play on multiplying with the more Amiibos you have (game comes with six main boards and nine are unlocked with Amiibos), they really do not matter much when they are all linear. Also, it is a shame that you need Amiibos to unlock the nine extra boards. This would have been much better had they been unlockable without them, but the Amiibos just make them automatically unlocked.
The biggest gripe many will have is the lack of online multiplayer. While I do not see the appeal of playing this game online with strangers, it is still a missed opportunity by Nintendo.
For those of you who hate being stuck with other players in a moving vehicle, get some Amiibos and play Amiibo Party. It will place you on a smaller than usual board, however the game is a complete free for all.
Over 70 mini games!

Over 70 mini games!


Really nothing stands out here in terms of graphics or music. It all is on par with other Mario titles on the system and while the game boards are cool, they did not leave much of an impression. Well, besides when you play on Bowser Party mode. Watching Bowser destroy the boards in hot pursuit of the Mario Party team is amazing.
Ugh… actually… the theme song is stuck in my head right now. You got me again Nintendo!
Whack a Mario.

Whack a Mario.


I will say that Mario Party 10 was not as great as it could have been. Do not get me wrong, it is still fun and the local multiplayer is a blast. But, the lack of online multiplayer and needing nine Amiibos to unlock the nine extra boards is all a downer for me. Bowser Party shines and is the whole reason to get the game. Reeking havoc on your friends and family is such fun and is worth the price of admission alone. Essentially this is the ultimate party game on the Wii U.

The Bottom Line



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  1. Daniel Rodrigues-Martin on March 25, 2015 at 11:38 pm

    Having to buy Amiibos = ugh.


    • Wesley Wood on March 30, 2015 at 12:09 am

      I agree. The boards they give are nothing special either.

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