Review – Maono PD200X and Maonocaster C2 Neo

Geeks Under Grace has been asked by the good people of Maono to review their audio and microphone set that is meant to be a delight for the streamer, content maker, and online personality. Let’s mix it up with some Maono!

First of all let’s talk about the equipment, what they are, and what they offer, starting with the PD200X USB/XLR microphone. This lovely piece has some versatility to it. It comes with a headphone input for you to hear yourself, and the sound is the most impressive of the few mics I’ve ever used. The quality is that of the stage mics I use at church, and that’s a big compliment. The RGB flair gives you control of the entire rainbow, and streamers can keep whatever color theme they have with the simple click of a button. Or if they want to control it from the pc, Maono Link can change it, as well as add limiting and/or compression adjustments.

Hooking it up is simple: the mic comes with an XLR-to-3.55 jack connection, and you’re done. Audacity, Audio Director, Twitch, and Discord all noticed it right away. A mute button exists right atop the mic for ease of access. A knob is right behind it for both headphone and mic level adjusting, and again, another click can switch between the two functions. 

The design is sleek, and has sturdy materials, much to my liking. It feels great; nothing like a cheap plastic feel to make your wallet sad. Not with these Maono products. Speaking of, let’s get into the mixer.

The Maonocaster C2 Neo brings absolute control to many device volumes at once. With the C2 Neo, streamers can connect their mic, their phone, headphones, and PC to adjust whatever they need. What impresses me most is the battery power, making it portable. It’s handy for streamers, or content creators running out of USB ports on their computer. Similar to the mic, any program used will easily find the device, and make recording a breeze. 

Some buttons on the console give streamers more to play with. The 48V phantom power is handy for compressor mics. Reverb presets give voices the illusion of a church, a hallway, valley, or a large building that echo, which to me, did not sound much different from the real thing. Pitch presets add some fun to the voice by making a completely different sound. Streamers can choose from six options, the bass was my favorite. I’m going to sound deep in all of my meetings from now on…

The noise reducer has a high and low option, useful for dogs barking in the distance, or streamers phones dinging. The mixer comes with three soundpad slots which can hold three seconds of recorded audio, and can easily be reused as much as the content creator needs. 

Admittedly, the mixer gave me so much use and utility, that I didn’t even know what to do with it all. But, I then realized that I had the opportunity to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time: record myself singing. Below I’ve attached a rough recording of myself taking a while to sing my favorite hymn. I learned a lot about mixing, track laying down, and just how much I truly know where my singing talent lies. Needless to say I have much more to go, but I had so much fun doing it, and I knew I couldn’t do it with any other microphone I owned. This recording’s mixing, editing does not reflect Maono, as much as it does my ability to use the products. (please watch your audio)

(Should I record again? Tell me in the comments below!)

Maono touts themselves as global best sellers of internet products, and in my humble opinion, they deserve to do so. The quality, ease, and function of their mic and mixer made me feel competent, professional, and capable of fulfilling a passion of mine. Their prices are a step up from affordable. But it’s clear when a beginner is looking for the next step from their first kit: Maono is that step. These two products blend together to make streamers experience better than ever. 

Did I mention that they come in black and white?

The Bottom Line


Maono indeed makes excellent equipment, and they are worth looking into for the next upgrade to audio recording and command.



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