Review: Lethal VR (PS VR)

lethalvr_logoDeveloper: Team 17
Publisher: Team 17 Digital
Genre: Action
Platforms: PlayStation VR
Rating: T
Price: $14.99
Have you ever dreamed about being a secret agent, but only wanted to experience the training and not the actual leg work? Then Lethal VR is the game for you! Enjoy 30 rounds of weapons training, coupled with quick-draw shooting and target practice at increasing difficulties.

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Lethal VR is target shooting. The targets are clearly made to look like cardboard cutouts, but some of them do look like drawings of humans. Players can accidentally shoot targets that look like innocent civilians, but there is no blood or gore.


Lethal VR makes you feel like you are a secret agent going through weapons training. Players start the game shooting at stationary targets with one gun. As the game progresses, you can unlock new firearms, dual-wielding  firearms, and throwing knives. Some scenarios have you out in the open in the simulation-type “war room,” while others drop down a makeshift “kill house” for you to shoot targets through doors and windows.
If you take too long to shoot, you lose points. Choosing not to reload your weapon can cause you to miss a shot during the next set of targets. There is much more to the game than just pointing the gun and pulling the trigger. There is an engaging strategic element to each round. Some of the scenarios are even recognizable from various action films like Dirty Harry and Robocop. Team 17 did well giving players an enjoyable, interactive experience.


The PSVR gives you a 180-degree field of view to shoot your targets within. They are not always directly in front of you, so listening to the sounds of targets dropping down in your peripheral vision is crucial to hitting all your targets on time.
There isn’t much narrative depth to the game. You choose from standard to advanced levels of gamplay difficulty, and, depending on your selection, these timed challenges alter the types of targets you must choose and the types of weapons you are required to use. The challenge in Lethal VR is breaking your own record. Want to amp up the challenge? Play with a friend to break their records.


Lethal VR is a great showcase for the PSVR, though I’ve learned that other VR systems allow for a 360-degree gaming experience. The PSVR does well enough with the connection restraints it has. Using the Playstation Move controllers are necessary in order to have a completely immersive experience, and the camera tracking seems to be more accurate than other VR shooting games I’ve played. The team behind Burnout and the shooting game, Black, knows how to create an FPS experience, and it shows in Lethal VR.
Though it still seems that VR has a way to go to create a truly cinematic gaming experience, games like Lethal VR must precede those games to get players accustomed to the nuances of VR itself. Just like the retro arcade shooters that led the way for the Battlefield and Call of Duty games, Lethal VR is instrumental in this new genre of gaming.

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