Review: Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?!

Developer: Daylight Studios
Daedalic Entertainment
Genre: Casual, Cooking Simulator
Platforms: PC
Price: $7.99


It’s rare a review copy hits my inbox for a game I haven’t heard about. Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?! not only caught me by surprise, but also made me blush. Still, the art style piqued my curiosity, so I had to give the game a chance. What Daylight Studios has delivered is a humorous cooking romp in a kitchen fueled by Dante’s Inferno with a dash of pop culture.

Content Guide

Spiritual Content

You’re in Hell, sorting and preparing sinners, and using them as ingredients in dishes you create to feed deities.


There are some cartoonish screams from the sinners as they’re sorted and prepared.

Language/Crude Humor

The game’s sense of humor will definitely get some chuckles out of you. The characters are all clever plays on pop culture and literature. I don’t recall any language in the game, but if it’s there, it’s mild. The most grotesque offender I crossed was in the title of the game and its use in the game’s trailer.

Positive Themes

You get to feed the hungry gods! It’s just a lighthearted, funny cooking game that doesn’t take much of anything too seriously.


Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?! literally came out of nowhere for me. The name immediately turned me off (as the title uses what many of us view as profanity) but a little more digging revealed a cute, colorful game I had to check out.

The premise is like something out of a Saturday morning cartoon. You’ve died, arriving in the afterlife to discover you’ll be cooking up tasty treats for gods in Hell. The catch, however, is that your ingredients are all made from sinners who’ve found themselves facing punishment. With help from Dantee and Veggil, you’ll have to cook your way through the circles of Hell, conquering new challenges at each point.

While a lot of the in-game narrative is throwaway, I’ve got to hand it to the writers. The game’s clever sense of humor caught me off guard more than once. I found myself chuckling at the variety of literary and pop culture references baked into the game.

The gameplay loop starts off simple and before you know it, becomes devilishly frantic. You have a vat full of sinners. One at a time, you’ll have to sort them into a variety of preparation tools based on their stats. Once prepared, they become ingredients you can use to create dishes that you’ll ultimately serve to demanding deities.

Each circle of Hell has its own set of challenges and requirements. You’re given time to sort and prepare a portion of your sinners, but come meal time, the gods make demands you must meet or be penalized. They may want a dish of a certain quality, three dishes with a specific ingredient, etc. Success yields bonus rewards as the gods level up, but failure can set you back from achieving your goals and drive the gods’ levels back down. You’ll have to balance creating meals to their specs with continuing to prep extra sinners for future dishes. If all of that wasn’t chaotic enough, you’ll need to upgrade and repair your tools, research new dishes, participate in cook-offs, and more. It’s engaging and complex without being enough to drive away less engaged players.

I have to praise the game for its art style as well. The bright, vibrant cartoony colors pop. Seeing everyone dolled up as a potato is a clever, endearing twist, even for someone as sinister as Thanatos (the Greek god of Death).The soundtrack keeps everything light and upbeat as well, though there’s nothing really memorable about any of the tracks. 

When it’s all said and done, Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?! is a fun, jovial romp to casually pass the time with. It’s cute and funny, while the gameplay offers enough complexity to challenge without driving off folks before they can learn to handle its chaos. For its budget price, if you’re looking for something to pass the time, Holy Potatoes may serve you well.

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