A FINE pair of headphones

It’s not everyday that Geeks Under Grace is asked to review a product. But consoles, software, hardware, paraphernalia, do affect the experience of reviewing. After all, you need headphones to truly hear the best sound quality the game has to offer. We are humbled that FIFINE MICROPHONE has sent us their Gaming Headset Ampligame H9 to see how it holds up. 

The first things I enjoyed were the smiley faces on the side. I thought they looked endearing. At first when I took hold of the headset, it felt very light, much like a cheap pair of headphones would feel. It didn’t give me much confidence in them until I put them to use. Constant daily use of adjusting them, setting them down, and back up, and taking them off and on, they didn’t waver. Their size impressed me too. My head always makes regular headphones stretch to their max size, but with these H9s I had some room to grow.

The best part I was waiting for after a few hours of having them on was the comfort. Since I wear glasses, my normal headphones would squeeze the arms against me, which created a lot of discomfort. That wasn’t the case with these. I was very impressed that my glasses and the headset worked together. The only discomfort left was the controller running out of battery.

Let’s get into the sound. With its 3.5 mm jack, it connects to everything. It also has an extension to allow connecting via USB with mic and headset volume controls. Everything I connected to: tablet, PS5, PC, and Switch all had the exact same quality of sound. The headset has a natural suppression with its large cushions to enhance the surround sound experience. The atmospheric 7.1 quality helped me hear everything, and miss nothing. The only thing I found wanting was no way of enhancing bass. It’s a picky preference of mine that I like a little more bass in my ears.

I had the chance to use the microphone for my Sunday Gaming stream on Twitch and was surprised by how good everything sounds. To give context, I threw everything together in OBS quickly and recorded PS5 content on an older laptop. I plugged the headset through the laptop and all sound was running through them. I had no way of knowing if everything sounded balanced. Later, I was blown away that the mic picked up so well, and was equalized perfectly.

These headsets are affordable. Only $37.99 on Amazon at time of this review. You can find them here: Gaming Headset Ampligame H9.

A bit about FIFINE MICROPHONE. They are based out of China, and began as a small operation only selling off Amazon. Over the years they received financial success, and improved their products, as well as their marketing and sales opportunities. They’ve landed success selling in Wal-Mart, and are looking to set up store locations in the US toward the future.

Overall, I feel like I got a really good headset for prolonged and quality use. If you’re looking for affordable and good quality headphones, then you’ll find the Fifine headsets a good match.

Johnathan Floyd

Writer, Editor, President, and overall complete goofball.

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