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When I first heard Fifine had a microphone and mixer, each for under $60, I had low expectations. What I found are a couple of solid products I’m happy to recommend to anyone on a budget looking for good audio equipment to help their content creation journey.

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Fifine AM8 Microphone

Fifine SC3 Mixer

Whether it’s Twitch, YouTube, Tiktok, or a podcast with friends, more people than ever are looking to begin their journey as a content creator. With that journey comes the quest for equipment. While many of us are susceptible to the allure of high-end electronics, it’s unreasonable to spend several hundred dollars for a good microphone or mixer. Enter with Fifine, a fantastic lesser-known audio peripherals company. With the Ampligame AM 8 microphone and SC3 mixer, content creators can get access to quality production gear without having to put too many dents in their wallet…and it comes with plenty of RGB if you want it.

Let’s start where the vast majority of streamers and podcasters are going to look – at the microphone. In recent years more and more big companies have released microphones targeting content creators. These are typically either XLR or USB and can range from $50 to the hundreds. With the AM8 from Fifine, you get the best of both worlds.

If you just have a computer and want to start streaming, the AM8 is a great choice. It can plug into a USB port and you’re ready to go in a couple minutes. On the other hand, if you have a mixer or existing audio interface you want to plug into, the microphone is capable of an XLR connection too. While it might not match the audio quality of the Shure SM7B (a microphone 6-8x as expensive), for less than $60, it sounds great (as you can hear in the attached YouTube video, which includes some audio from Elgato’s Wave:3 for comparison).

The one caveat I would offer is concerning background noise. While it doesn’t have some of the built-in hardware of more expensive competitors, much of that can be overcome with software like RTX Voice, Steelseries GG, or even filters in OBS. 

For those of us who’ve been around the block a while and are looking to upgrade our setup, utilize an XLR microphone,  or make managing audio easier on a second machine, a mixer is the most sensible option. The best budget-minded folks could hope to get before was TC Helicon’s GO-XLR Mini at about $185. With Fifine’s Ampligame SC3, you can get much of that same functionality for $55 (and I’ve seen it on sale for as little as $40 at times).

While it’s not perfect, the SC3 is more than worth what they’re asking for. With it, you can take an XLR Microphone (or even your gaming headset) and audio in from another source using an 8mm plug and control their audio on the fly using sliders. You can monitor everything through headphones and pump all of that to an external source, like speakers or another computer, and it’s all in one convenient place.

While it’s not the highest quality, there are a few fun features built into this mixer you can use to liven the experience. It can distort your voice with 11 electronic sounds and 5 voice changers (though, admittedly, your mileage may vary with some of this). I thought the baby one was fun, though.

Finally, for the jockeys that like to have a handful of audio clips at the ready, the SC3 has four Custom buttons that can be used to record and recall up to 15 seconds of audio at a moment’s notice. 

I do have some minor qualms with the unit, but for the price point, this is a steal. Word to the wise, though – if you hear buzzing from the line-in, try a different auxiliary cable. 

Before getting my hands on these units, I’d never heard of Fifine. When I saw the price point they were offering this hardware for, I assumed this was something I’d set in my closet and never use again. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see a small brand that could be poised to make a real impact in the space.

Review units generously provided by Fifine.

The Bottom Line


Fifine's AM8 and SC3 are solid audio hardware that will give you great bang for your buck without draining your wallet.



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