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I was excited when EWinRacing first contacted us about the chance to partner with them and review one of their PC gaming chairs. Whether its mice, keyboards, webcams, microphones, or chairs, I’m a big fan of trying out a range of gaming peripherals and gear, and my old chair was getting a bit worn out from years of use. I was in the market for a new spot to plant my backside and along came EWinRacing.

When I was browsing through the list or products EWinRacing could provide, one particular thing struck me. They have an XL version of their Flash line of chairs made for big and tall folks that are designed to support up to 400 lbs of weight. This is a significant bump from competitors who typically publish their maximums around 250 lbs. or less. 

When my EWinRacing Flash XL showed up and I opened the box, I was impressed with how efficiently everything was set within. The back and bottom of the chair were neatly packaged, arm rests already attached. The aluminum base was sitting neatly on top along with a box full of everything else you would need to assemble the chair. They even included a pair of white gloves (which they recommend you use during assembly).

Assembly was a breeze. They include a couple different allen keys and heavy duty hex screws you’ll use to attach the back to the bottom of the chair, which just takes 10-15 minutes. Add another five minutes to attach the adjustment/mount unit, and the top half is ready to go. To put together the base, you just have to attach the wheels to the aluminum base, which can be done in a few seconds by hand, then add the gas lift piston (so you can adjust the chair’s height). Line up the base with the mount on the top half, and you’re ready to go. You should be able to go from opening the box to sitting in the chair in 30-45 minutes without much hassle.

Of course, like creating a new Diablo or Dungeons & Dragons character, assembly is just the first step of the process. The real proof comes with use. After several days’ with longer sessions in the seat, I have to say I’m more impressed with my EWin Flash XL than I was anticipating. I loved my old DXRacer KX-Zero, but my Flash XL is more comfortable in nearly every way. After long sessions in my DXRacer, I would start to have pain in my rump and legs. I’ve not had any of those issues with my EWin chair. Sitting on the bottom cushion is just more comfortable. As with most gaming chairs, it comes with a lumbar cushion and a neck pillow that can both be removed for added comfort. The arm rests can be adjusted on about four different axes as well, allowing you to set this beast up to suit your preferences in any situation. If you’re just wanting to kick back, relax, and watch a movie, there’s a level to let you lean the chair back, too.


I do want to issue a word to the wise, however. At 5’11”, I consider myself about average height for an American male. The Flash XL, at its lowest position, allows my feet to rest comfortably on the floor. Any higher, however, and my feet are left dangling like a five-year-old sitting with the adults at a church potluck. If you’re considering the XL for the added weight support but are much shorter, you may want to consider something to prop your feet on.

The Flash XL handily sits above the DXRacer KX-Zero with added cushion to boot

My experience with the EWin Flash XL has won me over. They’ve delivered a comfortable, sturdy product with high quality components for significantly less than the leading brands.* If you’re in the market for a new gaming chair (or office chair that will make your peers jealous), EWin is delivering a great product at competitive cost. I would definitely recommend you give their line of products a look. I’ll be enjoying mine for a few years to come.


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* – The EWin Flash XL retails for $479 while the comparable DXRacer Tank is $599

Review product generously provided by EWin Racing.

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