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Dying Light takes place in the fictional city of Harran, a Middle-Eastern, tropical location much like the backdrop for Resident Evil 5. You are a secret agent named Crane who has been sent by an organization to uncover the location of a rogue agent. Upon your arrival in Harran you are bitten by a zombie and taken in by a group of rebels. They are able to help you with your infection by administering Antizen (a product much like Zombrex from Dead Rising 2). The rest of the game is spent pursuing side-quests, leveling up your character, and parkour-dodging zombies.

Gameplay and Presentation

If you are a fan of games like Far Cry 4, Dead Island, and Mirror’s Edge you will be happy with the way this game handles its mechanics. Though at first the jumping and climbing is a bit unfamiliar (due to having to use the RB button), eventually it becomes second nature. Similar to games like Infamous, Dying Light has you spend a lot of time climbing buildings and exploring your surroundings, parkour-style. The jumping can get frustrating because you have to look at the ledges when you are trying to climb specific areas. It takes awhile to accustom to the jump distances.

The graphics in the game are very good aside from some of the zombies. It seems that many of the zombies are just NPC clones and there isn’t much that sets them apart. As you progress deeper into the game, you will find a few zombies that have unique characteristics. There are even zombies that feel inspired directly by Left 4 Dead. The environment is well-designed, and the human NPCs that you interact with are uniquely designed and look good.

While playing through the side missions, I was reminded Skyrim. Some of the menial tasks you have to complete can be comical and downright strange (i.e., having to find items for a guy who’s mother died some time ago, yet he has constructed a mannequin to act as his mother).

You are able to find and craft weapons. You can add to the power of the weapons by installing power-ups that you collect during various missions. The weapons seem to last a pretty good amount of time before becoming too damaged, and you are able to repair them on the spot up to a certain amount of times. I was able to repair one of my favorite weapons four times before it broke permanently. You can also buy weapons from trading posts and quarter-masters throughout the game.

Money is ample and found throughout the world. You can also search bodies and find items that you can sell to get more cash. I never ran out of money by using an infinite money hack from during my entire playthrough.

One of the very interesting characteristics is, when you are trying to loot or complete an objective at night, you earn more skill points but also run the risk of being detected by a specific type of zombie that is prowling through the streets. If they happen to spot you, you have to outrun them without being caught. This play type reminds me a lot of an evasion mode from Grand Theft Auto or Watch Dogs.

You can play cooperatively with another player seamlessly by adding them into your world. You can compete to kill the most zombies or work on the objectives together. As in any other game, your co-op experience is based on the internet connections involved. It can be frustrating if your partner drops out in the middle of a game.

Content Warning:

Foul Language used throughout the game. Gratuitous gore.

I would caution anyone who is offended by language and gore. This game is full of bad language from the NPCs as they communicate with you via radio or face to face. I had to tell my children to leave the room while I was playing. The gore is what you would expect from a zombie game. Lots of brain matter, blood, and guts during every zombie confrontation. There is also a bit of torture conducted by the main bad guy of the game. I think that is expected when playing a game like this, but you should not play it without knowing what you are getting into.

Final Thoughts:

I enjoyed playing Dying Light. I looked forward to running through the world and using parkour-styled gameplay. Searching through various boxes and crates proved to be fun. Even confronting zombies in small groups was satisfying, as I got to try out different weapons on them. There were many situations that required some thought and planning in order to complete my objectives. The game is challenging and diverse enough to allow for many hours of gameplay and replay. If you were a fan of the serious side of Dead Island, I think you will enjoy what Dying Light has to offer.

This game was reviewed on Steam and a code was provided by the marketing agency.

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The Bottom Line


Dying Light is a fun, long-lasting zombie-parkour experience in the vein of Far Cry, Skyrim, and Mirror's Edge.


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