Preview: Splatoon (Wii U)

Featured ImageThe world has had its first taste of Splatoon. On Friday, May 8, the first of three world-wide, hour-long demos for the game became available on the Wii U. Needless to say, people flocked to the limited opportunity in droves. While this demo’s primary function was probably to see how much pressure the servers could endure, it also exposed the consumers to some of what they can expect from Nintendo’s new IP. So far, it’s looking to deliver.
As far as the gameplay is concerned, Splatoon is incredibly polished, without any obvious technical faults. I’d hope not, considering the full game drops in a couple of weeks, but truly, it astonished me with its balance and fluid execution. Four different classes were available to play across two stages, including an oil rig and an industrial warehouse. The only available game mode was Turf War, which had the players running around frantically trying to cover as much of the arena in their team’s color as possible before the timer ran out. Some classes are better for claiming a lot of surface area in a short amount of time, while others are more efficient in terms of suppressing the efforts of the enemy team through combat. More modes, stages, weapons, and other features will be available in the final product.
Content concerns will be covered at length in the full review, but Splatoon is not lining up to pose much of a threat to anybody’s moral makeup. Thematically, artistically, and functionally, the game is about as friendly as a third-person shooter could achieve. Your character will explode into ink if they take too much damage, only to respawn a few moments later, and there’s no blood to be found anywhere—not even suggestive red ink. Everything is bright, cartoon-ish, colorful, and clean.  I mean, clean minus the neon paints detonating in every direction.
WiiU_Splatoon_illu01_E3Online, there didn’t seem to be any suffering from lag. However, some people seemed to struggle with finding games to enter.This was never a problem for me, but my experience will not be the same as everyone’s. Even now, the lack of local multiplayer is inconvenient.
If you have time, there should be two more sessions Saturday, May 9. Those sessions are from 7:00-8:00 A.M. and 3:00-4:00 P.M. EST. Otherwise, please keep your eye out for our review of the final game later this month.
Looking forward to seeing you in the Splattlefields.
God bless and always remember to smile.


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