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Salem Turned Darker

I’m a sucker for a few things. The Ori games are some of my favorite games of all time. Mix with that an isometric perspective and the deliciously brutal trappings of a Souls-like, and you have all the deepest hooks baited properly for me. No Rest for the Wicked, the next game from Moon Studios (the developers of Ori and the Will of the Wisps), meets all of those criteria and looks slick doing it, but its early access showing has yet to give it a runaway success.


The king has died, and evil is spreading through the land, twisting people into horrible monstrosities. The church is launching a campaign to find and eliminate the root of it by all means necessary. You are a Cerim, a holy warrior set out to cleanse the pestilence from the land. You’ll have your work cut out for you as the land of Sacra threatens to fall deeper into chaos. 

In practice, No Rest for the Wicked is an isometric action RPG with trappings Souls players will find familiar and a few mechanics that set it apart. The game is heavily weighted toward your gear loadout, emphasizing parry timing and stamina management. It has a loot system more akin to Diablo or other looters, with the ability to upgrade, enhance, and imbue gear with different traits and elemental perks. You can also collect materials and contribute to building projects to improve the shops in town.

The movement feels great, and the combat is smooth and responsive. Instead of bonfires, you’ll have campfires to cook food (which is your healing) and respawn points that act as limited fast travel points, too. The world is big and relatively well-realized. Missions feel well-designed and paced. The storytelling and character work is impressive, and the cutscenes are polished.

Given that it’s early access, the game isn’t without problems. I’ve had frequent visual and audio hiccups, the game stutters and freezes occasionally, and the online is currently absent despite multiplayer being a selling point. Load times are also agonizingly long for me without a solid-state drive.

Despite some bugs and other issues, No Rest for the Wicked is already a fun time for Souls fans. I love the aesthetic and narrative elements; the loot system feels well thought out. I’m looking forward to things only getting better as Moon Studios grows and matures the experience. No Rest will be an experience well worth the wait. I’m excited to see it mature into what I’m confident will be a top-tier action RPG.

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