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5 Things I Hated About Call of Duty: Ghosts

By Josh Mors | November 4, 2014

Please Note: This article does not represent Geeks Under Grace as a whole, just my personal opinion of Call of Duty: Ghosts. I was really excited about Call of Duty: Ghosts. I looked forward to this game, and the graphics and gameplay looked great. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to test the game until I actually bought it.…

Mega Man vs. Mega Man X

By Wesley Wood | November 4, 2014

This week is the ultimate showdown. Mega Man versus Mega Man X. Which has the better games? Gameplay, bosses, soundtrack, graphics, side characters, and pretty much everything is in play here. Jon Hill I love the classic Mega Man series. It’s a tough-as-nails, Nintendo-hard, jump-n-shoot adventure that changed the gaming industry. But as well beloved…

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer First Impressions

By Jon Hill | November 3, 2014

Another Holiday season has arrived and with it, another entry into the Call of Duty series. Advanced Warfare is the first outing for developer Sledgehammer Games, and with the lackluster gaming community support of last year’s Ghosts, expectations were high. They did not disappoint. Visually, Advanced Warfare looks great. It has really pleasant use of…

Destiny: Become Disappointed

By Drew Koehler | October 30, 2014

Ten years ago, Bungie announced their intentions to revolutionize gaming in an even more monumental way than Halo ever did. Why wouldn’t the makers of the acclaimed Halo franchise come through on a project that would combine social media, real time events, and a unique multiplayer experience? Well, simply, because they didn’t. When Bungie first…

Scott Cawthon-Christian Developer Spotlight –

By Joe Morgan | October 25, 2014

I recently had the privilege of corresponding with Christian indie game developer Scott Cawthon. He’s garnished attention for his recent horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s and the recently announced Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, but as you’ll see from the interview below, Scott has been involved with far more. Even more important than his game development experience, Scott…

Upcoming Nintendo Wii U Games (October 24, 2014 – December 31, 2014)

By Wesley Wood | October 24, 2014

Ever since selling my PS4 and committing to the Nintendo master race, I have annoyed my co-writers (mainly Joe) to no end about my love for all things Nintendo. Since I know there are others like me, I wanted to make an all inclusive list that highlights the remaining games (that I think will be…

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