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Product Review – FIFINE Ampligame A8 USB Microphone

By Jamie Rice | November 3, 2023

When I received this product, I was skeptical, and I was ready to write the device off as manufactured e-waste designed to make money off a fad. What I found after giving it a serious shot is…

The Case for Creeps as a Christian

By Wesley Lantz | October 27, 2023

As we enter Halloween season, Wesley Lantz takes a look at how being a horror fan can give us a better perspective on the Light.

Pokeball on Pokemon cards

From Atheist to Believer: God Speaks in Pixels

By GUG Contributor | August 19, 2023

My journey, rooted in the unexpected convergence of childhood fascination and spiritual exploration, stands as a testament to how life’s threads intertwine.

Tears of the Kingdom, Christian Unity, & Times of Crisis

By Wesley Lantz | August 14, 2023

In a world where crisis seems constant, what can “Tears of the Kingdom” show us about the importance of Christian unity when the world seems like it’s falling apart?

GUG Plays Final Fantasy XVI

By L.J. Lowery | August 4, 2023

Some of the gaming department writers share their thoughts on Final Fantasy XVI in this companion piece to our full review.


By Johnathan Floyd | July 7, 2023

The FIFINE Ampligame H9 can be used for a variety of games and consoles. We covered this headset to see how they measure up.

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