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Climbing the Mountain: How “Celeste” Teaches Christian Perseverance

By Wesley Lantz | May 20, 2024

Wesley Lantz examines Celeste’s themes of perseverance and what it can teach Christians today about perseverance in our walk with God.

Every Shrine Name in “Tears of the Kingdom,” Explained

By Wesley Lantz | April 1, 2024

Wesley Lantz and David Koury give you a detailed breakdown of all of Tears of the Kingdom’s 152 shrine names!

Final Fantasy (1) – Pixel Remaster Reflections

By Andrea Racoti | January 26, 2024

We recently had the idea of playing through and completing each of the main title Final Fantasy games, and share our thoughts on each title. A big idea behind this undertaking is passion; here at Geeks Under Grace there are many of us who are passionate about video games. There are quite a few of…

“Sea of Stars” and the Liturgy of Stories

By Wesley Lantz | January 15, 2024

Wesley Lantz shares a revelation from indie RPG hit “Sea of Stars.”

Geeks Under Grace 2023 Gaming Experiences of the Year

By Johnathan Floyd | January 5, 2024

2023 was one of the greatest years for gaming in a long while. But did new releases make an impact, or old ones?

Video Games and the Problem of Empathy

By GUG Contributor | January 4, 2024

Dive deep into the captivating link between players and characters in “Video Games and the Problem of Empathy.”

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