Nintendo Officially Announces First Mobile Title, MiiTomo

MiiTomo character creation
Earlier this week, Nintendo officially unveiled the first fruits of its new partnership with mobile giant, DeNA.
MiiTomo, will be the first mobile app/game from Nintendo and will be a communication app featuring characters and environments similar to those in Nintendo’s Tomodachi Life on Nintendo 3DS. The game will be free to play with in-app purchases.
Nintendo described Miitomo as “a free-to-start communication application that helps friends share fun personal facts and interests. Consumers create and use their own Mii characters to engage friends in a welcoming social environment, answering questions and sharing information to discover more about each other and what they have in common. Miitomo is designed to appeal to a wide range of global smart device users and introduce them to uniquely Nintendo experiences beginning with Miitomo and carried through future applications.”
While no further details were provided regarding gameplay it does appear to be connected to Tomodachi Life. While the game was expected to release by the end of 2015, Nintendo explained that the reason for the delay of the release of their first mobile title was to allow more time to promote MiiTomo.
MiiTomo is set to launch on mobile devices in 2016.

Damien Chambers

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