Overwatch’s Anniversary Event

Overwatch‘s Anniversary event has begun! This is the sixth special event that Blizzard has included in Overwatch so far, following the Summer Games, Halloween, Winter Wonderland, Year of the Rooster and Uprising events. Each event supplies new cosmetic items to the cast (some getting more grandiose additions than others). Of significance in this particular event is that Hanzo, Pharah, Soldier 76 and Symmetra get their first event-themed legendary skin. Many of the skins have somewhat of a cyberpunk vibe to them, which might explain why Sombra is one of the characters not receiving a new skin for this event. This event also adds a dancing emote to every single character. So If you ever wanted Mercy to do the hustle in the middle of a firefight, now is your chance (Disclaimer: Do not do the hustle in the middle of a firefight please). Oddly though, no characters receive new highlight intros for this event. All the new skins added can be found below. No epic level skins were included in this event.




Soldier 76







This event also coincided with Patch which among balance changes, also included some new maps and some variations on existing game modes. There are now 3 new Arena style maps for 3v3 and 1v1 game modes. These game modes themselves have also been varied. In a new 3v3 mode “Lockout Elimination,” you may not select a character that you won a previous round with. This can be helpful for cutting down on overuse of certain characters (such as Roadhog) during this mode. In the new 1v1 mode, “Limited Duel,” you are given 3 characters to choose from before the start of the battle. The choices available vary from round to round. No event themed arcade mode has been included in this update.
Among the characters who have been updated in this patch, Hanzo and Genji may now attack immediately after a wall climb. Additionally, upon activating Wraith Form, Reaper now immediately reloads, allowing him to better deal with a pursuing enemy. Reinhardt’s Earthshatter also has decreased vertical range, so you should be less likely to be taken down if you are in the air when the ability is activated. Soldier 76’s damage has also been decreased a bit. If you wish to check out everything that was included in this most recent patch then you may look at the patch notes that are located here.


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