NASCAR Heat: Ultimate Edition+ Races onto Nintendo Switch

The release of NASCAR 21: Ignition brought the NASCAR franchise to a new era in the gaming world. Sadly, an unsatisfied audience and mediocre reviews met it at the finish line. In my review, I mentioned how it has plenty of issues, but has great potential to grow with future entries to the series. Furthermore, I mentioned that the NASCAR Heat series is still the definitive experience. With the release of NASCAR Heat: Ultimate Edition+, that sentiment remains true. Now you can take the sport with you wherever you go, and pick up right where you left off in your career on your television at home.

The Ultimate NASCAR Heat: Ultimate Edition+ includes everything in NASCAR Heat 5 Ultimate Edition, plus the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series Cars Roster and 2021 primary paint schemes.

Two Seasons of Content: 2021 Roster and primary paint schemes + 2020 Featured content including Throwback and Playoff paint schemes, Tony Stewart as a playable character, plus more!

Career Mode: Progress through the feeder series (Xtreme Dirt, Gander Trucks and Xfinity Series) to reach the NASCAR Cup Series or jump right in and start at the top.

Official Tracks: 39 authentic tracks for you to race on across the various series, including Daytona International Speedway, Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course and Talladega Superspeedway, plus 9 dirt tracks.

Challenge Anyone, Anywhere: Race online with up to 16 players or enjoy local split-screen multiplayer with a friend.

Paint Booth: Even more enhancements, including new number fonts and schemes.

NASCAR Heat: Ultimate Edition+ is NASCAR Heat 5, likely because we’ve never had the previous entries on the Nintendo Switch. The change also asserts this entry as the complete version of what the series has become. It may lack some of the visual fidelity that it holds on the stronger platforms, but the on-track gameplay remains unchanged on this underdog of a device. I’ve looked forward to a NASCAR video game coming to the Nintendo Switch since I became a fan of the sport. I’ve always wanted to run a few laps of my own on the couch on a Sunday afternoon, and now that desire has become a reality.

Aside from the 2021 content, the experience remains the same as the intial release, which means you can get my full thoughts on NASCAR Heat 5 by checking out my review. If you wish to purchase a copy of Ultimate Edition+, you have both physical and digital options at the price of $39.99.

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