Review: Luckslinger (PC)


Developer: Duckbridge
Publisher: Duckbridge
 ESRB: T for Teen
 Price: $12.99 


In an era where people seem to think that games are all about looking pretty and that your game sucks if it isn’t 1080p or 60 fps, it’s hard to think how we older gamers survived back then. When I was growing up, 3D graphics were merely a concept and every game that came out didn’t advertise frame rate or cutting edge graphics; it was all about the gameplay and how fun the game was. Luckslinger is a game that brings back to that era and in style.


Clovercreek needs your help! Clovercreek has been feeling unlucky as of late, and it’s probably because their six lucky charms have been stolen by bandits! It is up to you as Luckslinger and your trusty duck companion Duckbridge to venture through the old west and defeat the bandits and return the charms to Clovercreek’s drunken (and utterly useless) sheriff.

You do not want to know what he’s lying in…

Content Warning

Language: There are instances profanity in the game and crude humor.
Violence: The game is full of it. Gun Duels, Russian Roulette, killing in general, etc.
Lewdness: Typical Spaghetti Western Humor Including: Some innuendo, drunken people, a sheriff who urinates in public
Drugs/Alcohol: Drunkenness, Boomshine barrels, drinking contest
Gambling: There are instances of gambling to obtain items, Russian Roulette, and card playing


Luckslinger combines the elements of a Spaghetti Western, modern hip-hop culture and a retro game in one package. It is a challenging quick-paced-guns-a-blazin’ action-packed- platformer.  You are equipped with your trusty revolver that shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger. Do not worry about conserving ammo, because ammo in this game is unlimited. For those instances where you need to reload, you also have a throwing knife as a backup. Fighting alongside of you, your trusty duck companion will sometimes distract enemies or collect objects for you which can be very helpful in some instances.

Take in the bad guys dead or alive.

What makes this game different from other platforms, is that it introduces a mechanic called “luck.” What luck does is trigger environmental or projectile events. The more luck you have, the more likely you will trigger positive events such as golden bullets that guide themselves to your enemy, or guide your enemies’ projectiles away from you.  Luck can also make platforms appear that were not originally seen to prevent you from falling to your demise. You can trigger some luck events manually, but at the expense of half your total luck. The less luck you have, the more likely negative events are triggered such as falling platforms, rocks, chandeliers and enemies appearing.  You can gain luck from treasure chests, or an enemy drop but you can also lose luck by taking hits.
Throughout the levels, you will find a variety of mini games.  You can participate in gambling to get a special item, Russian Roulette to make some gold or other events like duels or paddy cake for fun. There  is always excitement going on in this game and it makes you not want to ever put the controller down.

There was someone else here, but they lost in Russian Roulette.


As mentioned earlier, the game is a take on Spaghetti Westerns mixed in with hip-hop.  You are out in the 8-bit wild west fighting all the cliché baddies while listening to a beautiful hip-hop-esque soundtrack in the background.
The levels are designed brilliantly whereas you always have to watch your step and be wary where enemies are. Multiple times, you’ll find yourself in situations where you have to jump, roll and avoid enemy fire at the same time. The game itself is very challenging at first, but once you adjust and get the timing down it gets easier.  I personally find that the more challenging a game is, the more rewarding it feels once you complete it.
Combining the soundtrack with the color palette, the game really does give you that old west feel. Although most of your attention will be on the foreground, the background is anything but bland. You will see birds fly past the sunset or even some people creeping around.

Ah yes, I remember learning about the greatest band of the Old West in high school.


If you are looking for a new ode to retro games with a spaghetti western atmosphere and awesome soundtrack, this game is exactly what you’re looking for! Luckslinger is fun as much as it is challenging and is good for a few laughs along the way.

The Bottom Line



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