Kingdom Hearts III “Confirmed” for 2015 Release by Voice Actor

Videogame voice actor Bill Farmer made a recent tweet suggesting the long-awaited third installment in the main Kingdom Hearts franchise is “supposed to come out later this year.”  Can you smell the hope yet?  As challenging as it might be, hold your excitement. Kingdom-hearts-3Farmer, acclaimed voice of multiple characters, including Goofy, says the English dubbing of the game is almost complete, if not entirely, to the best of his knowledge. In most cases, voice recording is one of the last elements placed into the development of a videogame, even more so in the cases of JRPG’s, since there’s no point in recording the voices in English if scenes are still going to change in the Japanese version.  All of this is to say, for those who have waited nearly a decade since the release of Kingdom Hearts II, the end might be in sight.

However, Square Enix USA was quick to defend their schedule, following Farmer’s tweet with one of their own, reaffirming that despite his claims, Kingdom Hearts III still has no official release date announced.  With the dawning of Final Fantasy XV on the horizon, it seems like Square Enix is finally starting to fulfill some of its long-winded promises. Unfortunately, some of the reason we had to wait for either game is because their development overlapped and caused turbulence in the overall progress.

Key word above is “announced,” as I’m sure there will still be several long months of waiting ahead, with an official date set at one of the upcoming gaming conventions.  I can’t imagine a release date any earlier than the end of summer, at best.

Here’s hoping for the best.

Farmer’s original tweet claiming the game would be coming out soon has been deleted and replaced with something more in line with the company’s protocol.

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