GUG Plays: Final Fantasy (Franchise)

Andrea Racoti

Final Fantasy XII’s tone throughout its story is unlike any other Final Fantasy game that I’ve played. Set in the land of Ivalice, there are airships, Chocobos, and magic spells to be found here, just like in most prior Final Fantasy games. However, the story is presented to be more mature, with much exposition having to do with the current political climate of that world. It may be too grounded to attract the eye of many hardcore Final Fantasy fans, but I appreciate the fact that this felt the most Western out of the entire franchise, and is easier to sink my teeth into. The voice talent and dialogue alone is enough to enjoy playing through the story, which makes me feel I’m watching a high-tier English play rather than just a video game; it really immerses me in the most mundane and the most intense of moments throughout the story.

There are themes present of not letting power corrupt you or avoiding the pursuit of revenge, as both end up doing much more harm to everyone than good. It is fascinating to play through the story of Final Fantasy XII and have it subvert my expectations of a typical Final Fantasy game, from the story, to its villain, to its lore…even its main protagonists! If you want a different take on a massively popular franchise, Final Fantasy XII may be the game you might consider delving into.


Maurice Pogue

Since picking up an NES controller in 1985 at the age of 2, Maurice and video games have been inseparable. While most children aspired to be lawyers, doctors, or engineers (at the behest of their parents), he aspired to write for publications such as EGM, PC Gamer, PC Accelerator, and Edge. After achieving ABD status in English at MSU, Maurice left academia and dedicated his writing to his lifelong passion. He is currently the Video Game Editor at Geeks Under Grace.

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