Game of the Year Awards 2018

Some great fighting games were released this year, including Soul Calibur VI, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Dragonball FighterZ. Fans of fighters were not left negelcted, as indie developers released their own fighting games as well, including Speed Brawl and Foul Play. To add to the fighting hype, Geralt from The Witcher games was added to the fighter roster of Soul Calibur VI. But despite that, our top two games were considerably more anticipated that Soul Calibur.

Dragonball FighterZ looks and feels like Dragonball Z, with graphics that rival the anime and fights that are just as cinematic. FighterZ is a great game for both experienced gamers and newcomers alike, for while it has depth, it is also easy enough to pick up and play.

Smash Bros. continues to be Nintendo’s most ambitious crossover ever and quite possibly in all of gaming. Well, they’ve done it again with Ultimate, having over 74 fighters available from many franchises, some not even originally from Nintendo. It is quite possible that nearly every Switch owner also owns a copy of Ultimate. This is the best Smash Bros. since Melee and wins our top fighting game of the year.

This award goes out to the game that told the best story through gameplay. While we had some great games with story this year, like To Leave and God of War, it was a different two that really brought us hope and conviction. They also tied for first place.

Detroit: Become Human is full of intense drama and difficult decisions and circumstances that tell an engaging story. The developer, Quantic Dream, has always tried to make storytelling the main part of its gameplay and largely succeeds. In Detroit, we end up rooting for the androids and what we get is an accurate portrayal of America’s social and political climate. The voice and live acting done to portray these characters is beyond stellar.

The fact that Celeste deals with overcoming anxiety and depression is one of the main reasons why it is a contender for narrative game of the year. Throughout its various challenges, the game encourages the player by explaining that acquiring all of the collectibles is not required, and therefore the player should not feel pressured to do so. Even if the player has died multiple times, the game lets the player know that the increase in death count means that they are learning, not failing. The journey that Madeline goes through to reach the top is compelling and you will enjoy your time when playing through Celeste.

This award goes to the game that challenged us the most when it came to overcoming obstacles and beating levels. Dandara, To Leave, and Save Me Mr. Tako! were some of the great platformers that we had the pleasure of playing this year. But the best platformers were those that left the biggest imprint in our heads and had us coming back for more.

A mesmerizing landscape navigated by a fox, this platformer does everything right. A wonderful soundtrack, a brilliant atmosphere, and a curious ambiance, Fe gave us a Disney-like feel that left us pensive. It is the true successor to the wonder that was Journey.

The fact that Celeste provides challenge, but also allows for bypassing of difficult levels all together makes it our number one pick. The game aims to make it as easily accessible as possible, wanting all to experience the game in their own way. When a game knows that it has a good thing and makes it a goal to share this awesome experience with those that are interested in playing, it is the player that ends up with the better end of the detail.

Virtual Reality has been making steady advances in the gaming industry, with more and more hits being released on PS VR and the Oculus Rift. This year saw some great games like Beat Saber and Transpose come to VR headsets. From here, it seems the industry is only going to grow and at a more rapid pace at that. Our top two choices for best VR game tied for first place.

This family friendly is the best VR game on the PS VR right now. Its clever use of the player as a character and virtual mechanics make it fun and inventive. It even cleverly uses sound as a mechanic and despite it being a VR game, Astro Bot looks great with its seamless graphics. This is a must-have if you own a PS VR.

Take control of Quill, a tiny mouse in a large world. Solve puzzles and navigate through lush environments all through the use of VR. Like Astro Bot, Moss is another great game that uses VR cleverly well, making it a perfect and fun game to start off with if jumping in to the VR market.

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