Game of the Year Awards 2018

Written in collaboration by John Campbell and Michael Mendis

It’s that time of the year again when we gamers here at Geeks Under Grace share our own Game of the Year Awards! Another year has come and gone and it felt like such a blur! So many good games were released this year while others not so much. It seems virtual reality was more prevalent this year as quality games were released on various VR platforms. With the Nintendo Switch stronger than ever, the PS4 still making waves with its popular exclusives and the Xbox One straggling along, gamers had a lot to look forward to and play this year. This time around, we added a new category: Best VR Game. And now, if you will, drum roll please:

This award goes to the best game only available on Xbox One this year. Only one was chosen this year and the award goes to:

Having started off as extremely buggy and full of connection issues, Sea of Thieves recovered and is now a game players consistently log back into and play every now and then. While it can lack in events and tasks to do, Rare has stuck with the game and has continued to release content, launching three expansions to the game so far. With the executive producer claiming that they are not yet finished with the game, Sea of Thieves continues to maintain its relevance.

Sony consistently delivers great exclusives to the PlayStation 4, and this year is no exception. 2018 was a great year for the PS4, with plenty of titles that continue to draw many gamers. Two games in particular caught our eye.

One of the most popular games of 2018, Spider-Man webbed his way into many gamers’ libraries. With stunning visuals, fun collectables to keep one busy, and gameplay worthy of the web-head himself, Spider-Man is quite the contender, both as a game and as a superhero. But the award for best PS4 exclusive goes to:

God of War is a phenomenal game. The story of a disconnected father and son often cuts deep and this one is no exception. Santa Monica Studios sought to change the God of War formula of button-mashing and accomplished it, making the game fun to play with added mechanics like parrying, blocking, and dodging. The graphics are great, even without a PS4 Pro. All of these things together earned God of War its place among our list of best games of the year.

The Nintendo Switch has become the console to own right now, with many indies finding a home on the device. This year, Nintendo has continued to capitalize on its gold mine and released some great games. The two games that caught our eye are the following:

A highly anticipated game, Octopath Traveler was the Square Enix RPG game to own this year, and it was exclusive to the Switch! Follow eight different characters’ stories as you start off with the person of your choice. From there, gain the help of all the other characters as you gather together to complete missions and clear dungeons. With a feel like Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana, this RPG is a must-own for all lovers of the saturated genre.

But of course, nothing can beat the most anticipated Switch game of the year. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has already sold millions of copies within the first few weeks of its release, many consumers buying a Switch solely for this game. With over seventy different fighters and more on the way, this is one of Nintendo’s biggest games ever. The gang’s all here as fighters of every single Super Smash Bros. game have been brought back for this humongous mash-up. And now, story mode makes a return in the new campaign mode called World of Light. Players will be booting this game up for years to come.

Despite being a majority of the gaming industry, PC gamers are often neglected when big titles are released, like Red Dead Redemption 2. Now, even indie titles are moving away from PC exclusivity with the Switch being a popular console for the more independent studios. That being said, these were GUG’s picks for best PC game.

One of the top games of the year, Monster Hunter: World was a hit. A game that can be played both alone or with friends, it accomodates players both new and old. There is a learning curve which helps with newcomers and plateau’s when players reach the highest level. Monster Hunter: World is easily one of the most player-friendly games of the year.

Taking hints from FTL: Faster than Light, Into the Breach is a phenomenal strategy game. With fun gameplay, unique troops, pixelated graphics, and a delightful soundtrack, this roguelike earns a rightful place as our pick for PC game of the year.

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