Samsung’s Gear VR

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 may be releasing in October, but it’s their newest piece of “Samsung Gear” that is catching everyone’s eyes. This one is not a watch though, but a virtual reality headset.

Samsung has partnered with Oculus, one of the leading names in virtual reality, to bring you a headset that you’ll be able to hook up to your Note 4, allowing you to turn your phone into a virtual reality for videos, games, and simulations.

Samsung says it will be capable of hooking up to Bluetooth controllers, but there is no software as of yet that would use this feature. For now, most content is controlled by moving your head around or by using the track pad and back button found on the side of the headset. As of right now, only a few demo games have been released, along with a Coldplay concert, but Samsung has promised that there will be a store specific to the Gear that will allow you to buy content when the device is released.

There are also a couple features that are really going to make the Gear VR stand out from the rest of the virtual reality industry–the obvious one being that you won’t be tethered to a computer. Everything processes on your phone, so that means no wires. Also, in case you need to come back to the real world for a second, you can turn on the phone’s rear facing camera and get a real time feed of the world around you on your screen. Probably not something you want to do at all times, but when you need to step away for just a moment this is a way easier than taking the entire thing off of your head. Plus, the fact that all of the processing takes place in the phone means that the device will probably be cheaper than most virtual reality headsets coming into the market. One can hope.

Samsung hasn’t given a price yet, and all we’ve gotten for a release date is “sometime later this fall.” So, make sure you keep an eye out for it. It’s good to see that Samsung isn’t just trying to jump on this VR bandwagon and instead chose to partner with one of the biggest names in the VR industry. If the price is decent, this could be a great addition to the headsets already coming to the market.

Do you think this is the next big step in Virtual Reality, or do you think it’s just another company clinging onto a fad? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. David Dugas on September 24, 2014 at 4:32 pm

    I’m very interested in the new VR tech that is being produced. It’s well thought out. It isn’t cheap or as awkward as Nintendo’s Virtual Boy and has a good bit of substance.

    I get that they are desperately trying to get it right the first time by taking time working out bugs, gauging interest from developers and consumers… But let’s be honest… This is not going to catch on quickly.

    People are going to be skeptical… then one person who has rare bouts of motion sickness will write some scathing review… It’s going to be a slow process, just like 3D movies catching on (don’t forget The Muppets and Disney were doing 3D movies probably a decade or two before Hollywood decided to really invest).

    For those of us who don’t have a Samsung phone, and are hoping for great things from the Oculus VR, this move is a good one as it will pump interest and accessory production for VR long before our beloved media future begins!

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