Review: Trenro PS4 Edge Thumb Grips


When a fellow staff member first told me about Trenro and their PlayStation 4 thumb grips, I was intrigued. A smaller company, almost “indie” in feel, producing and selling video game peripherals typically sounds like a recipe for disaster. I can’t help but think how much I loathed Pelican peripherals back in the day. Still, he bragged on their thumb grips and I had been considering looking into such an item anyway.
When I received the box from Trenro, I tore into the orange and white packaging, anxious to get my hands on the goodies inside. Though not convinced the bright orange thumb grips would look good on either of my controllers, I snagged one and began fitting the grips onto the controller. My one real complaint with the product came in here: it took a little more effort to secure the grips onto the sticks than I had initially thought. You’ll have to work around the base of the grips to make sure they’re ready to go.
Once you get the grips secured to the controller, everything else is butter. After wandering the wastelands and fighting demons for 15-20 hours, I can thoroughly give this product a ringing endorsement. The grips have just enough grab to give you that extra push you want. They inherently add a little extra bulk to the stick, but in this case you’ll never notice it. Other grips I’ve tried have massive, distracting dimples on the top to give players a facade of comfort, but Trenro is able to do that with smaller, more comfortable dimples and a better quality rubber.
I never thought I’d be so amped up for a couple pieces of rubber, but when everything you do in the virtual world starts with those thumb sticks, you find it can make a significant difference. Though Trenro sent me the first pair to review, I’ve already purchased a second pair for my other controller so I never have to be without them, and I know a few gamers who’ll be getting these as stocking stuffers this Christmas.
Though they are initially a little difficult to get on, they’re worth every penny. Quality materials and a comfortable design have ensured that Trenro will have my controllers covered for years to come. If you’re interested in a solid pair of PlayStation 4 grips, look no further.

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