My Apple Watch Buying Experience

So, the band on my Nixon 51-30 just broke. Couldn’t have been better timing. My Apple Watch is being shipped to me as I write these words. Yes, I am one of those geeks. I love Apple and their products, and I have been holding off on buying a Pebble because I believe that if you are going to buy a smart watch, it should be a watch made by the same people who made your phone. It makes sense. They will be living and working together on a daily basis. Why wouldn’t I want my watch and phone to be made by the same company?
With my Apple Watch on the way, I would like to tell you all about the experience.



Apple has decided to try something new. They announced that the only way to get an Apple Watch on April 24th was to pre-order online. If you live near an Apple store, you could go in and try an Apple Watch on and customize your order (maybe change the band or even the case) without losing your place in the pre-order queue.
Pre-orders for the Apple Watch began on April 10, 2015 at 12:01am PDT. But ahead of that, you could login to the Apple website and mark the watch you wanted as a favorite. Doing this would save you much needed time when the pre-orders opened. This was a crucial step that some people missed.
So, at 11:30pm on April 9th (12:30am on April 10th where I live), I did what everyone does in these situations. I logged into the Apple Website (on both my iPhone and MacBook Pro) and proceeded to refresh every minute or so. Once Apple opened the floodgates, it was a mad scramble to get over to my favorites and proceed to order my watch.  I finally confirmed my order at 12:04am. I had pre-ordered my 42mm Apple Watch Sport in space grey with the black sports band.


As with all who managed to order quickly enough, I got the best shipped-to date of April 24th to May 8th. It will come via standard shipping (5 to 10 business days). I checked back at 12:10am and they were already advertising shipped-to dates of June. My guess is that, if you didn’t mark an Apple Watch in your favorites, this was your fate.

The Week of April 20th

Once April 20th rolled around, I started wondering if I would be one of the lucky ones to get my Apple Watch on April 24th. I had not received any notification from Apple that they had shipped my watch. This led down a rabbit hole of checking my order status and online forums on a daily basis. As the week wore on, people on the forums started to report that their order statuses had change from “processing” to “preparing for shipment.” The better news was that, when their orders were shipped, they were shipped for next-day delivery. They were bumping everyone up to faster shipping to get them in people’s hands quicker.
On April 23rd, everyone who had not received shipping notice got this e-mail:

4-24-2015 8-56-28 AM

It was a bit disheartening.  Without stating it in plain words, Apple was telling the rest of us that we probably would not be getting a watch on launch day. It was crazy to know that your order had to be confirmed before 12:04am on April 10th to get a watch on April 24th. Now this was not true if you ordered a watch with an odd color band. If you got an Apple Sport Watch with a blue band, you would be getting your watch on April 24th. It looked like I ordered the most popular Apple Watch… and it being the only watch available in the space grey aluminium made it even harder to get.
This all leads me to today (April 24th). My order was processed and sent to UPS late last night. Apple sent me an e-mail stating that my order had been shipped and I would likely get it on April 27th. Not bad. Missed launch day by one business day. I would not be a geek if I did not say I was sad about this, but I am impressed that Apple would ship my watch to me on next-day delivery, even though I was not a part of the launch day shipments.


Overall, I am pleased with by my Apple Watch buying experience. I enjoyed staying up late to try to be one of the first to pre-order my watch. I even enjoyed the buildup of the last week and the anticipation of finding out when I would receive my watch. Now, you might ask, what I am doing to do with my Nixon 51-30. I love my 51-30. I have had it for seven years. I bought it when my wife and I were engaged. It will also be the watch I hand down to my son when he gets old enough to take care of nice things. So, I am keeping the watch. I will fix the band (or put a different one on) and it will be my dress-up watch until it is ready to be passed down.
Check back for more Apple Watch coverage when I receive mine.

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